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Changelog - osgmod website updates

Everything about the roadmap and updates of the website


🚀 v3.3 - Wednesday 22nd of November 2023 01:32:24 AM

Scripts Gmod of the year 2023
Script # 1: Gamemode - Zworld Afterlife : Gamemode Zworld
Script # 2: Addon - Items Banks : Gmod Items Banks for Individual storage
Script # 3: Addon - Npc Items Dealer, selling and buying : Gmod Items Dealer - Sell and Buy
Script # 4: Addon - Lock and Key System + Door Manager : Gmod Lock and Key System + Door Manager
Script # 5: Addon - Karma and Reputation System : Gmod Karma and Reputation System
Script # 6: Addon - Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone : Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone
Script # 7: Addon - Fatigue and Sleep System : Gmod Fatigue and Sleep System
Script # 8: Addon - Keypads system : Gmod Keypads System and door lock manager
Script # 9: Addon - Readable document system : Gmod Documents Editor system
Script # 10: Addon - Crafting Menu Editor : Gmod Crafting Menu Editor
Script # 11: Addon - Guilds Chest System : Gmod Guilds Chest System page
Script # 12: Addon - Lockpicking system : Gmod Lockpicking system
Script # 13 : Addon - Job NPC System with dialogues and restrictions : Gmod Job NPC System
Script # 14: Addon - Advanced Player Position Memory : Advanced Player Position Memory
Script # 15 : Addon - Dynamic Map Switching for World Expansion : Gmod Dynamic Map Switching - World Expansion
Script # 16: Addon - NCredit - Premium Currency mod : NCredit - Gmod Premium Currency System
🚀 v3.2 - Thursday 20th of July 2023 09:43:33 AM

Website - Originahl Scripts
Improved the activation system to activate all scripts from a single page.
Button to Disable all scripts on a server in the new activation system
Button to Enable all scripts on a server in the new activation system
The list of its servers in the new dashboard
Button to join your server in one click from the list of your servers.
Update of the wiki about the activation system which is even easier than before.
🚀 v3.1 - Friday 10th of March 2023 11:59:34 PM

Website - Originahl Scripts
Added a keyword sorting system in the scripts wiki pages and also from the scripts inventory. Find easily a line with a simple word.
Fixed a responsiveness issue with the right side of the product sheet.
Scripts Inventory update. The script counter has not been updated. In red the scripts to be updated. In green those which are up to date.


🚀 v3.0 - Saturday 31st of December 2022 03:22:01 PM

Script of the year 2022
Script # 25 : Gmod Customizable Teleportaton Addons : Gmod Customizable Teleportaton Addons
Script # 26 : Gmod Pocket System Standalone : Gmod Pocket Addon product page
Script # 27 : Gmod Trading and Selling System : Gmod Items Trading and Selling System
Script # 28 : Gmod Craft Workbench Creator : Gmod CRAFT Workshop Creator released
Script # 29 : Gmod Item Pack - optimization and simplification of adding items : Gmod Items Pack

Website - Originahl Scripts
Aesthetic update
🚀 v2.9 - Monday 31st of October 2022 01:44:58 PM

Website - Originahl Scripts
Update of the ticket system. The version downloaded by the user is displayed next to the product version. If the user has a lower version it will be circled in red. If the version is equal to the last one published then it will be in green.
🚀 v2.8 - Monday 17th of October 2022 02:01:04 PM

Script of the year 2022
Script # 10 : Gmod Advanced View System + Crosshair maker : Advanced View Creator + Crosshair maker released
Script # 11 : Gmod Money System + HUD Maker : Money System released
Script # 12 : Gmod Ammo System + HUDs : Gmod Ammunition Manager released
Script # 13 : Gmod Server Title Screen : Gmod Server Front Page
Script # 14 : Gmod ATM Banker System : Gmod Banking System + ATM Editable
Script # 15 : Gmod Character Editor + Characters Selection Menu : Gmod Character Editor + Characters Selection Menu
Script # 16 : Gmod Loot Furniture Designer for all gamemodes : Gmod Loot Furniture Designer is released in the Gmod Script Store
Script # 17 : Gmod Bodygroups Wardrobe Manager : Gmod Bodygroup Wardrobes Manager
Script # 18 : Gmod Skins Dealer Manager : Gmod Skins Dealer Manager released
Script # 19 : Destructible Containers Loot Generator : Destructible Resource Container System
Script # 20 : Avatar and Roleplay Name HUD editor : released in the Gmod Script Store
Script # 21 : Editable Gmod weapon selection menu : Gmod weapon Selection Menu
Script # 22 : Gmod Resources Collecting System : Resources Collecting System released
Script # 23 : Gmod Inventory System : Gmod Inventory Mod released
Script # 24 : Call Bell / Desk Bell - Gmod Workshop : Call Bell / Desk Bell - Gmod Workshop
🚀 v2.7 - Wednesday 13th of July 2022 08:23:35 AM

Website - Originahl Scripts
You can now see the downloaded versions and the current version available from your inventory
🚀 v2.6 - Thursday 7th of July 2022 10:21:49 PM

Website - Originahl Scripts
Improved aesthetics.
Optimization of the page weight. Pages open faster.
Adding tags to script information
🚀 v2.5 - Tuesday 5th of July 2022 10:31:23 PM

All my published updates are now displayed on my profile page : Example with my profile
Updated the lightbox on the scripts presentation page.
Optimization of the loading time of the store : Store
The number of updates during the year is now displayed in the statistics at the bottom right of the website.
The number of resolved support tickets is displayed in the statistics.
🚀 v2.4 - Thursday 27th of January 2022 01:32:56 AM

Script of the year 2022
Script # 1 : Gmod Health Modules + HUD Editor : Gmod Health Modules + HUD Editor
Script # 2 : Gmod Stamina System + Customisable HUD : Gmod Stamina System + Customisable HUD
Script # 3 : Gmod Hunger Mod + Customizable HUD : Gmod Hunger Mod
Script # 4 : Gmod Thirst Mod + HUD Builder : Gmod Thirst Mod
Script # 5 : Gmod Mana System + HUD Creator : Gmod Mana System
Script # 6 : Free Workshop Foods Pack : Free addon : Foods Packs
Script # 7 : Free Workshop Drinks Pack : Free script : Drinks Packs
Script # 8 : Free Workshop Health Pack : Free mod : Health Packs
Script # 9 : Free Workshop Stamina items Pack : Free addon : Energy Drinks Packs for Stamina

Wallet System for Gmod Store Builder (To drop or Give the money) : Wallet system added in Gmod Store Builder 2.5


🚀 v2.3 - Thursday 23rd of December 2021 10:32:31 PM

Addons created in 2021
Script # 1 : NPCs Spawn Point Manager : NPCs Spawn Point Manager
Script # 2 : Gmod Scoreboard Editable : Gmod Scoreboard Editable
Script # 3 : Deathscreen Customisable : Deathscreen Customisable
Script # 4 : Gmod Escape Menu : Gmod Escape Menu
Script # 5 : Npc Death Looter Manager : Npc Death Looter Manager
Script # 6 : Nor Admin System for GMod and all gamemodes : Nor Admin Mod Product Sheet
Script # 7 : Advanced Customisable Chat System : Gmod Chat addon
Script # 8 : Gmod Npcs Store Creator : Gmod Store System
Script # 9 : Gmod Leveling System - Compatible DarkRP : Next Gmod addons
Script # 10 : Gmod NPC Reward Editor : GMod Reward npcs system

Website improvement
Alternative page to the English description in other languages.
🚀 v2.2 - Thursday 14th of October 2021 01:13:09 PM

Website improvement
Optimisation of products pages
Optimisation of home pages
Select your language preference in your options.
Design improvements
Download addons from your inventory. More only on the gmod addons page

Website Patch
Solved a minor performance issue, Sometimes a small load could occur. Patched!
🚀 v2.1 - Tuesday 25th of May 2021 04:24:28 PM

Objectives 2021 create 16 scripts
Script # 2 / 16 : Gmod Scoreboard Editable : Gmod Scoreboard Editable
Script # 3 / 16 : Deathscreen Customisable : Deathscreen Customisable
Script # 4 / 16 : Gmod Escape Menu : Gmod Escape Menu Released here
Script # 5 / 16 : Npc Death Looter Manager : Npc Death Looter Manager Released here
🚀 v2.0 - Tuesday 25th of May 2021 04:18:15 PM

Scripts Updates
Add invisibility in the Scoreboard : Gmod Scoreboard Editable 1.7
Add SetTeam in the Scoreboard scripts : Gmod Scoreboard Editable 1.7
The Deathscreen closes automatically when a player is Revive : Deathscreen 1.7
Update Report Tickets System 1.4 : Report Ticket system 1.4
Add command to allow your players to access the Main Escape Menu of Gmod : Gmod Escape Menu Editor

Website - Originahl Scripts
Skin Update: For the benefit of your eyes.
Improvement of Markdown system : Link of documentation about it
🚀 v1.9 - Thursday 25th of March 2021 08:11:34 AM

Objectives 2021 create 16 scripts
Script # 1 / 16 : NPCs Spawn Point Manager

Scripts updates
Safezone 3.0 : Link
Update of Gmod Discord Logging System 2.0 : link

Update 1.8
Upload the version 1.8 (If you see this, the server is on the version 1.8) : Changelog 2021

Website optimisation
Increased site execution speed by 20%
🚀 v1.8 - Wednesday 13th of January 2021 10:53:43 AM

New script
Loot Spawn Point Editor 2nd Generation : Gmod Script link

Script update
Optimisation and improvement of the compatibility with Atmos : Job Agenda Editor 3.8

Update of Originahl Scripts
Release the version 1.7 of Originahl Scripts : Changelog

Update of the open graph structure of the website
Cookie Consent System : Image
Update of the design

Wiki updated
Wiki update of: Two music areas system 2.1 : music areas system Wiki


🚀 v1.7 - Wednesday 8th of July 2020 02:39:30 PM

New script
New Script : Gmod Tickets Supports System : Report Tickets System 1.0
Wiki FR & US : Gmod Tickets Supports System : Wiki of Report Tickets System
Video of Ticket System : Report Ticket System

Website content
Admin Script management
Improvement of the workspace for the coders
Admin tickets Management
System of Wallet for the coders : More info in the workspace
Lightbox of scripts updated
🚀 v1.6 - Saturday 21st of March 2020 03:42:42 PM

Apply the tags in all scripts uploaded : Documentation about it

New script
Write the Wiki of: DarkRP F4 Menu customizable : DarkRP F4 Menu customizable

Social plateform
New Steam group : Original Steam Group
Twitter : Originahl Script

Website content
Search System (Scripts, Forum threads, Documentations) : SEARCH SYSTEM
Drawing Error page 404
Add wallet for the workspace : Documentation
🚀 v1.5 - Friday 6th of March 2020 12:40:37 AM

Website content
Add in the workspace the Sales statistics
Separation of the English and French forum
Title tag on the site when you hover over the links
Updating the reaction system on the forum : Forum Threads about reactions
🚀 v1.4 - Thursday 30th of January 2020 09:36:39 AM

New script
New F4 Menu customisable in real time : Script link

Website Content
Social buttons : Forum thread
Improvement of the forum : Forum Threads
Improvement of private messages : Forum Threads
Updating the support ticket environment

Workspace improvement
The Tags in the scripts : Docs


🚀 v1.3 - Tuesday 17th of December 2019 04:49:37 PM

DRM migration. Completed.

Creates the first topical tips and guides of each category on the forum and pins them : Forum
BBCode : Spoilers : Discussion here

New Scripts
Gmod Discord Logging System : Link

Added number of Forum Posts and Reply
Added number of Reactions Given and Received

Scripts Description
Upload system for the icon of the script 16x16

Add Spoiler code in docs abour Text formatting language : Documentation
Updating the infrastructure
🚀 v1.2 - Thursday 7th of November 2019 09:26:42 AM

Update Documentations FR : Documentation FR
Update Documentations EN : Documentation EN

Forum Upgrades
Update of Discord Bot
The categories of the forums can be reduced. By clicking on the arrow
System of persistence of your display choices on the forum

Scripts Creator
Script updater system
System to submit a new script
Script Uploader system
Tags and Languages settings
Admin System to approve a new script
Editor can choose the discount as a percentage of the price

Website Module
Made the Section -Help- Editable from the website
Rewrite the old wiki on the new system
🚀 v1.1 - Thursday 5th of September 2019 04:19:20 AM

Bot Discord
Informe the Discord when a News is published
Avatar of Origina HL Bots

Scripts Creator
New Lightbox of Scripts (screenshots system) + Optimization : Video test
Script Media management : Video test
Banner Updater : Quick Video demo
Replace the old lightbox by the new : Video on my facebook page

System : Upload images to the web server
🚀 v1.0 - Tuesday 20th of August 2019 11:08:33 PM

Code Bot Discord
Bot Discord for Todolist update
For the creation of topics on the forum
For the answers to the topics on the forum
For Scripts Update and Changelog

Document EN & FR
Hierarchy & ranks : Document EN & FR
Convert the old wiki of my 16 scripts on the new system : Example with the : Job Whitelisting System
Document on Sounds Formats supported on Gmod : Document EN & FR

Scripts Changelog
Convert the old changelog of my 16 scripts on the new system

Scripts Creator
Script Changelog editor
Wiki Editor for the scripts
Scripts Description Management

Script Editor System
Buyer Finder for programers
🚀 v0.9 - Tuesday 6th of August 2019 10:59:16 AM

Create a Forum : Forum
For admin : Forum Manager system
Add a workspace for programmers
Organization of the forum structure

Markdown updated (Balize [code]) : Markdown
🚀 v0.8 - Wednesday 10th of July 2019 09:17:10 AM

News defiler on the home of the website
For Admin : News Editor
Admin panel

Update the dashboard
Update / My purchases list
🚀 v0.7 - Sunday 7th of July 2019 03:49:52 AM

For admin : Changelog Editor
Cache system for optimisation
🚀 v0.6 - Sunday 7th of July 2019 02:19:13 AM

To do list : link
For Admin : To do list editor
Markdown system : link
Emoji compatibility

New Designe
New Logo


🚀 v0.5 - Tuesday 2nd of January 2018 01:39:16 AM

Coffee donation system
Animated Wiki
Help Documents
Design improvement

2018 & 2019 I was focus on Zworld : Changelog of Zworld 2018 & 2019

Comment :
While continuing to provide support to my clients and update my scripts, I simultaneously created the Website of Zworld-Aftelrife from scratch and also the Game entirely.


🚀 v0.1 - Saturday 2nd of September 2017 05:26:09 AM
osgmod.com was born due to constant abuse and harassment problems from staff and from friends of the staff of Gmodstore I Create osgmod.com and leaved Gmodstore.

The buyers database was regularly maintained. The old clients didn't need to buy the scripts a second time here.

And support was always possible for them here. It was then possible for me te give free updates of my products.

The primitive version of the website I made (osgmod) was sell to other developers who wished to have their independence.