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Write an review on a Gmod addon

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Customer reviews are useful to help the creator and users! What makes it possible to improve the quality of its offer, to be interested in consumer opinions, is above all to decide to improve the quality of its products and services.

On Originahl Scripts only customers can leave reviews on the scripts they have purchased. This allows to have a feedback from users who have really tested the product.

Summary :

Important rules for reviews

To avoid the lack of impartiality, only customers can leave a review on a script they have purchased. If the review is negative, in order to help the creator of this script explain the reason that justifies your note so that he can make his corrections.
If you are satisfied you can also leave a review, you give a good example, it is positive and encouraging.

  1. Notification of a problem without an open ticket will not be valid.
  2. Unjustified notices will not be valid.
  3. Will not be valid the empty notices, not providing the elements necessary to improve the note, this line does not concern a notice which has a maximum note, one can be satisfied without being obliged to give of detail, the description of the product is suppose elements, but it is all the same well come to say to us how you use a script, because sometimes some have a diverted use of a product, as for example to use the area restrictor as teleporter
  4. Notifications will not be valid if the script has never been installed or downloaded.
  5. Reviews that do not respect the site's code of conduct will not be valid.

How do I view product reviews or write a review?

1. Go to the product page and click on Reviews to read the reviews or write your review.
2. Write your opinion here :
How to leave a review on the Originahl Scripts site

3. Select the number of stars.
4. Send your notice.
5. List of reviews left by customers.