Help / How to test a Gmod addon before buying it? (Website)

How to test a Gmod addon before buying it?

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On Originahl Scripts it is possible to test a script before buying it. Become a premium member and access the lab server where all the scripts are installed and developed, you will arrive on it as an Admin. Some people try leaked versions of my scripts but take risks to install unverified files, where versions not updated nor adapted to the updates of Gmod are lying around, avoid backdoors if you care about your projects. You are free to choose the solution, I won't judge you, leakers are of course banned.

Afraid to buy a script without trying it? Try it first.

In order to remove this fear, I put at your disposal a server where all my scripts are installed. You will have access to the interfaces of my scripts as an administrator.

You will have the rights to my scripts so that you can discover them freely and judge if they correspond to the description, the customer reviews and especially to your needs.

It is of course normal that you will not have access to the ftp of the lab server.

Don't forget to ask for it, I will add to the server whitelist your steamid64 so you can have access to it, this access whitelist is one of my scripts that you can also find in our Originahl Scriptsl script store.

By the way I use this whitelist system for filtering without passwords : Whitelist Server Access by Nordahl, this one allows to avoid renewing passwords because of password leaks between users.

To join the test server make the request or become a premium member.

The server is turned off when there is no request in progress.