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Rules - Originahl Scripts

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1. Basic rules
2. Rules of the tickets
3. In the discussions of the Scripts
4. Forum Guidelines

Basic rule
1. Do not try to exploit or find bugs. You can be automatically be banned for a Feat.
2. Messages that are aggressive or defamatory statements, insults and personal criticism, profanity and vulgarities, and more generally any message contravening the French laws in force are prohibited.
3. Identity theft is prohibited, as well as the use of multiple accounts.
4. The author of the article is subject to the same rules of good conduct.
5. Repeated abuse may result in the closure of an account and the elimination of any publications.

Rules of the tickets
1. I never asked for your logs of your servers to correct a problem. Since 2014 I solve the problems easily by deduction. So do not send your access. I could ask any of your logs.
2. Read the documentation before opening a ticket.
3. Keep your calm and provide a maximum of useful information, a simple message to say: "I have a bug" is not constructive.
4. I correct only the official version of my scripts. If you have made changes to the original code it is up to you to take it on, you can always re-download the version that works.

In the discussions of the Scripts
1. Do not ask for help In the discussions of the Scripts, read the documentation or open a ticket.
2. Any insults or personal attacks is prohibited.
3. No settlement of account or provocation will not be tolerated.
4. The interventions are organized by groups, in order to divert and prevent constructive discussions are prohibited.
5. The relentlessly blatant against an author or a commentator, even in the absence of insult, is prohibited.

Forum Guidelines
Before using the forum, it is necessary to read the marketplace's General Terms of Use (GTC), and in particular the article that specifies the obligations of each user, the charter of good conduct and the role of the staff.

In addition, each section of the forum may have a pinpointed topic that complements the GTC with rules specific to the section, entitled "Rules and Good Practices". Before creating a topic or message in a section, it is necessary to read these additional rules and write in the right category and theme.
  1. Respect
  2. Weighting, civility and courtesy
  3. Consult the existing system and respect the sections
  4. Avoid unnecessary messages
  5. No identical messages or threads
  6. Maximum of one "up" per message thread
  7. No publication of links without introduction
  8. Writing
  9. No misuse of capital letters
  10. Respect for copyright
  11. No advertising or solicitations
  12. No illegal, pornographic, obscene or defamatory content
  13. Images and Links
  14. Private Messaging
  15. Moderation team
  16. Protection of privacy
  17. Personal information
  18. Legal Responsibilities

Forum rules and good practices

Access the forum at this address : Forum to Talk coding Glua And Gmod

1. Respect

Users must treat other users, the moderation team and the Forum administration with respect. Irritating and disrespectful comments are not tolerated. Similarly, comments that are potentially false or harmful to an individual or entity are not tolerated.

It is important to distinguish between a personal judgment/attack and an opinion. A user has the right to refute your argument by showing respect and presenting his or her own arguments in support of his or her opinion, and this does not necessarily constitute a personal judgment or attack. Please refer to the moderation team in case of doubt. A basic rule to follow in this case is that it is permissible to express your disagreement with an idea without attacking the person.

Weighting, civility and courtesy

Because we want exchanges on the Forum to be conducted in a good mood and in harmony, we ask our users to always show moderation, civility and courtesy in their publications. Although a Forum is a virtual environment, it should always be kept in mind that it is also a public space. Don't hide behind your virtual entity, be as you would be in person.

The moderation team does not tolerate relentlessness towards another user, cynicism/derision, condescension, judgments and prejudices.

Consult the existing system and respect the sections

Before posting a message, browse the different sections of the Forum to find the appropriate section. Please publish your message in one section only.

Before asking a question about the Forum, make sure to search in the existing topics (search box at the top right) to see if a question identical to yours has already been asked and answered, and thus avoid duplication.

Please note that your message could be moved by the moderation team without notice if it is in the wrong section.

Avoid unnecessary messages

The Forum is a forum for the exchange of information and experience. In order to allow everyone to access relevant information as quickly as possible, be careful to avoid comments that do not provide any additional information and that merely express a personal opinion on the current debate.

No identical messages or threads

Posting multiple identical messages adds unnecessary overload to the Forum and wastes users' time.

Maximum of one "up" per message thread

We tolerate only one "up" (message intended to move a subject up in the list) per feed at least 48 hours after the last publication on this feed. As with identical messages, posting this type of message unnecessarily overloads the Forum.

No publication of links without introduction

If you wish to publish a link to information that you think is relevant, please add a comment describing the interest of this link. Messages containing only one or more links will not be tolerated.

Writing is a site hosted in France and made by a Frenchman, the language and English and French, the rooms are classified by languages so write in the rooms that corresponds to your language. Condensed language ("SMS" language) is prohibited on, as are blasphemies and profane language.

It is also appreciated to use the appropriate paragraphs, grammar and conjugation that will make reading your messages more enjoyable and understandable.

No misuse of capital letters

Please do not misuse capital letters in titles or messages as this greatly reduces the readability of the entire Forum and is not respectful to the person concerned.

Respect for copyright

You must have copyright on the images you post on our Forum. When quoting written works, you must do so by mentioning an excerpt and the source (author and title, or author and link to the website, no link to malicious sites).

No advertising or solicitations does not allow the publication of advertising for external goods and services on the Forum in fairs that are not dedicated to this, in order to preserve a quality of navigation for its users. This also applies to advertising and solicitations for a commercial, personal or non-profit company. Hypertext links to websites other than informative websites will be considered as advertising.

That being said, we have a section of our forum dedicated to that. Please refer to this section for regulations.
Note: No advertising is allowed in the Signature area.

No illegal, pornographic, obscene or defamatory content

The publication of illegal content is to be prohibited as it jeopardizes the Community. Similarly, violent, pornographic, obscene or discriminatory content will not be tolerated.
By browsing and participating in the forum, you certify that you have accepted the terms of use.

Images and Links

If you are not a partner, the use of images and links from a competing site (site/forum) is strictly prohibited.

Private Messaging

Private messaging is governed by the same rules as the forum. If you are being harassed or if you receive unwanted advertising via private messages, contact the forum's moderation team.

Moderation team

The moderation team is in place on the forum to preserve the well-being of our community and ensure that the rules are respected. The moderators are the voice of and have the authority to act as such. Please respect them and be courteous in your exchanges with the moderators.

The usual moderation procedure is summarized by:
First warning by private courier
Second email warning with temporary ban
Third email warning with a permanent ban

Moderators may alter the usual procedure according to their judgment with the permission of the administrative team. Moderators are open to discussion about a warning, as long as it is done in a constructive, private, and brief way.
Any user making a scandal (What we call Drama) of his warning will automatically be permanently banned. The same applies to insult emails sent to moderators in response to a warning.

Protection of privacy

The Forum community is a virtual community. users are asked not to disclose their addresses and phone numbers, and those of other users. If you wish to share this information, please do so privately. Similarly, the content of private conversations, by email or on other communities, is also prohibited on the Forum.
It should be noted that any user who does not respect the privacy of one of our members by searching and publishing their information on the forum will be permanently banned from the forum without notice.
It should be noted that the site and forum are public places and indexed via Google electronic search.

Personal information

You consent to the collection, transfer, storage and use by of content you have posted on the Forum. You also agree to receive promotional communications from if you have checked the box.

Legal Responsibilities cannot be held responsible for the information published on the Forum. All information published on the Forum cannot be verified and may contain incorrect information or may not comply with the rules set out above.
Legal or technical advice given by a member on the Forum cannot be considered as professional advice. Forum users are responsible for their actions on and off the Forum, have a minimum of critical thinking and the reflex to check your sources. We encourage our users to check for themselves. is the owner of the Forum content. By posting content on the Forum, you agree to waive any copyright in such content.
The administration and moderation of the Forum are responsible for the application of the above rules. The Administration is a decision-maker in the interpretation of the rules and reserves the right to strengthen them if necessary. It reserves the right to deactivate a user account or delete published content without notice.

If you need help using our Forum or if you have a complaint about a decision by the administration, please contact us by email at : david arobase originahl-scripts point com.