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Instagram: david_of_zworld
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Profile Presentation of Norda Scripts : 76561198033784269

Hello! I'm David, known as Nordahl Scripts on Gmodstore and Zworld, a reactive developer, listening to you and always looking for better and more optimized products.

With me you can count on quality content, regular updates and a fast and efficient after sales service.

I started in computer assistance and troubleshooting in Strasbourg, France.
In July 2010, I created a micro enterprise where I was in charge of the maintenance of computer equipment. I then created Zworld and various products such as scripts for Garry's Mod to finally end up in web design.
At each stage, I evolved on my own.

Self-taught, I started from nothing. Through my experience and a lot of work, I have been able to learn a lot of things that I put at disposal here on Originahl Scripts.

I am currently managing several online servers in an automated way that allows me to hone my skills. You can judge my work by going and discovering it for yourself. For example, it takes you just 5 seconds to reach one of my servers and a few milliseconds to open a web page of a site I have created. In terms of optimization, I know a lot and this can also be felt on the products I sell on Originahl Scripts.

I have gained the trust of my customers through the sale of my scripts (4164 sales to date) and the technical services provided. On Gmodstore, I have obtained a reputation of 4.95/5 with 299 customer reviews which means that 99% of my customers have given me the highest rating. I have efficiently handled over 635 tickets for all issues and have always made updates to ensure maximum compatibility with my users. And those were my stats on Gmodstore.

On Originahl Scripts you can view reviews that can only be submitted by those who have purchased and tested the product : Reviews on Norda's scripts (Nordahl)

Your suggestions have contributed a lot to this site and I thank you very much for that.
will continue to evolve to provide you with a consistent, comprehensive and efficient service.

The logo of Originahl-Scripts is an owl whose symbolism represents wisdom, reason and intuition which are dominant characters linked to my personality and my way of working.

I'm struggling to put my ideas into practice, I created Originahl Scripts out of curiosity and passion, which was to get out of the box. And to make myself independent from Gmodstore.

You can find the link to my Originahl Scripts store and everything in it here: Mods, Scripts & Addons for your gmod server - page 1 of 2

My interests include drawing, composing music for projects, photography, hiking in the wilderness and survivalism.

Of course, what I'm passionate about in my job is programming, practice, learning languages and electronics. As long as there are opportunities for advancement, I like it.

Skills :
Langages : CSS HTML MySQL PHP JavaScripts Ajax Lua Glua C#
Technical administration of servers
Network system administration
Changelog de Originahl-Scripts (Gmod addons store) : Originahl Scripts Changelog