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Gmod Keypads System + Door Lock Manager - Script

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Gmod Keypad System and door lock manager allows you to place keypads on your Gmod server. As soon as a door is connected to a keypad, it will be locked. And will require the right code to unlock it, code that you can hide from documents to read for example. The system is primarily designed to be optimized and offer content and functionality to your environment without burdening the server. It allows to secure access to areas in a roleplay way. Several ideas of use can be born. For example for the organization of escape games events, in your Survival Horror. Or simply restrict access to areas in a realistic and roleplay way.

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Description of Gmod Keypads System + Door Lock Manager

  1. πŸ“˜ What is the Gmod Keypad System and door lock manager addon?
  2. πŸ”¨ A simple grip and installation: How to place a keypad on gmod and link it to a door?
  3. πŸ“¦ Contents of Gmod Keypad System and door lock manager
  4. βœ”οΈ List of spawnable keypads to link to doors with their functionality
  5. ❓ What kind of need can Gmod Keypad System and door lock manager meet?
  6. βš™οΈ The keypad system and door lock manager panel linked
  7. πŸ’Ύ Saving door and keypad states
  8. πŸ”› Server options that define keypad system rules
  9. 🧩 Compatible Gmod Mods

πŸ“˜ What is Gmod Keypad System and door lock manager addon?

Gmod Keypad System and door lock manager is a script that allows you to generate keypads on your Gmod server and link them to the map doors. Once linked the doors are locked according to the status of the keypad. A small red light on the keypad indicates that it is locked, orange blocked (when there are errors in the code sent), green to say that it is open.

The keypad generation system is easy to use, just aim at the place where you want to place a keypad and spawl it. To link it to a door press USE on it and USE on a door. That's it. Go back to the keypad if you do use it and you will see the interface open. The default code 0000 will allow you to do your tests before changing it.

From the management panel (admin menu of the keypad system). All the doors related to the keypads are displayed in the management menu. You will be able to manage the passwords, the status of the locks, and see all the keypads linked to the doors.

From the admin panel you can define some system rules. For example, the duration of the blocking of a keypad when a wrong password is inserted. By default it is set to 5 seconds.

Each keypad has three LEDs: red, green and orange.
The red LED means that it is locked.
The green LED means it is unlocked.
The orange LED means it is locked. The blocking time occurs after an error. You can define this timeout yourself.

You can link several keypads to a single door and the distance does not affect the proper functioning of the system, this is useful for creating hiding places, secret passage, enigma with reward, escape game, for your survival horror, etc.

πŸ”¨ A simple start and installation: How to place a keypad on gmod and link it to a door?

1- Aim at the place where you want to place a keypad.
2- Open the spawnmenu of the gmod sandbox, or if you don't use the sandbox from the spawmenu of the keypad management interface.
3- Click on the type of keypad of your choice which will appear where you aim.
4- Press USE on the Keypad and then USE on the door of your choice. That's it. The default password is 0000. Go back to your keypad and type in this code to verify. To change the password you will see the new line displayed with the code 0000.

To add a second Keypad in the other direction on the same door, just do the same manipulation. The password will remain the one you have configured.

πŸ“¦ Contents of Gmod Keypad System and door lock manager

1. A management interface to manage all installed keypads and linked doors.
2. A database to save the status of keypads and doors linked to keypads.
3. 4 types of keypads with their own operating mode.
4. Optimal gmod workshop resource pack: 0.212 MB, reduce the download time on the workshop as well.

βœ”οΈ List of spawnable keypads to link to doors with their functionality

-Touch Keypad #1: This is a Keypad with a touch interface, when the right password is inserted, the system turns on a green light and unlocks the interface with touch options on its screen. You can then lock and unlock the door associated with them. It does not automatically re-lock once your manipulations are completed, you can re-lock it using the lock button on the interface.

- Numerical Keypad #2: This is a simple numerical keypad. When you enter the right code, the red light turns green to indicate that the door is unlocked. The door will automatically relock after a few seconds. You will then see the little light turn red again.

- Keypad #3: This is a simple numeric Keypad. It is identical to the keyboard #2 in terms of functionality, but in a different and darker style.

- Keypad #4: This is a button that returns to its initial position after a given time. It allows to bypass the password. Useful when you want to hide a switch to open a door. It allows to bypass the password when used on a door already equipped with a keypad. For example, if you want to enter on one side, you have to type a password to enter and on the other side, you just have to press a button to exit.

- Toggle button #5: Like button #4, it allows you to bypass the password to unlock a door, except that button #5 does not return to its initial position. It is therefore a switch, which does not automatically return to the locked position.

- Alphabetical Keypad #6: This is a keyboard with alphabetical keys from a to z and a Shift key that allows you to switch to shift mode when the right password is entered, once the right password is sent the linked door opens. It re-locks automatically, the delay is modifiable from the management interface.

- Digital Keypad #7[/b] : This is a simple digital Keypad, without LED to indicate its status. It is identical to Keypad #2 in terms of functionality.

- Digital Keypad LCD #8[/b] : It is a simple digital Keypad with a green LCD screen, without light (green, red, orange). It is identical to Keypad #2 in terms of functionality.

❓ What kind of need can Gmod Keypad System and door lock manager meet?

1. You want to lock access to some places in a roleplay way with an intuitive keypad system.
2. You are looking for a script for your escape game on gmod? That's the purpose of this script.
3. You want to add content and puzzles with reward for your servers.
4. You are looking for a keypad system that does not weigh anything on your server? The client file is only 37kb. And the workshop resources are 0.140 MB.

βš™οΈ The integrated fatigue system management panel

You have the ability to manage everything from an interface that you are now used to seeing. And to switch between all the interfaces of my different systems from the shortened buttons.
From this single interface you will be able to manage the database, the DarkRP jobs (or team), the modules, and the HUD.

πŸ’Ύ Backup of doors and keypads states

The backup system allows you to find the keypads you have placed on the map, the passwords and the links with the concerned doors.
But also to save the state of the keypads and the doors of the map after a reboot.

πŸ”› Server options that define the keypad system rules

The management panel allows you to enable and disable its options that will define the operating rules of the installed keypads.

time_lock: Keypad blocking time in seconds when an input is false (orange). Numerical value (time in seconds).
time_relock: Re-locking time for auto re-locking keypads. Numerical value (time in seconds).
lockkeypad_afterreboot: Automatically lock the keypads after a reboot. ON | OFF.
auto_editpasswords: Dynamically change the password after a reboot. ON | OFF.
save_latch_door: Save the opening state of a door (Locked/Unlocked). ON | OFF.
lock_info_chat: Indicate by message the type of lock. ON | OFF.

🧩 Compatible Gmod Mods

These aren't essential Gmod Mods for the mod to work properly, but they are compatible and provide their share of content that will work without a hitch.

Mod #1: Gmod Avanced Lockpicking System
Mod #2: Gmod Key and Lock System + Door Manager
Mod #3: Gmod Advanced Inventory System

πŸ”Ή WIKI & F.A.Q πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Wiki πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Wiki πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Wiki of Gmod Keypads System + Door Lock Manager

Gmod Keypads System + Door Lock Manager

☰ 1. Installation of Gmod Keypads System + Door Lock Manager
Installation: Download and Unzip the folder norda_keypads_system.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,
Path: garrysmod/addons/norda_keypads_system
☰ 2. Where can I find resources and materials? What is the Gmod Keypads System + Door Lock Manager Workshop id?
Vous trouverez les ressources dans le workshop de Garry's Mod sur Steam. - Gmod Workshop ID of Gmod Keypads System + Door Lock Manager: 2972871415
- The AddWorkshop function is automatically added to the script server file and can be deactivated from the configuration file. : resource.AddWorkshop( 2972871415 )
- To add gmod workshop resources to your collection : Gmod Keypads System + Door Lock Manager [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop
☰ 3. How to open the interface of Gmod Keypad System and door lock manager?
From your console you can use the command: norda_keypads_system
Or from Nor Admin Mod, the shortcut button will allow you to open the Gmod Keypad System without needing to remember a command with a simple clickable button.
Keypad shortcut on Nor Admin Mod
☰ 4. How do I place a KeyPad on a wall?
Open the keypad management menu, then in the list of keypads and click on the keypad of your choice.
The KeyPad you have chosen will be placed on the wall where you have aimed.
Admin panel of Gmod Keypad
☰ 5. How to link a spawned Keypad to a door?
Once a new keypad has been spawned it is not linked to any door. Simply press USE once while aiming at the keypad and aim at a door and press USE again on the door. A message will tell you that the link is done. The door then appears in the database in the management menu.
Link door and Keypad
☰ 6. How to add a second keypad on the door that already has a Keypad?
In the same way as you add a first keypad to a door. The addition is taken care of automatically. And the distance doesn't matter.
Link door and Keypad
☰ 7. What is the default password for the keypads?
The default password is 0000 which you can change and check or change it from the control panel.
Password of locks in database
☰ 8. How to change the password of a keypad?
Open the keypad management menu, then in the database find the line of the concerned door. You can change the default password 0000 with any other number, well numbers if you use a numeric keypad or letters if you use an alphabetic keypad.
Edit access code of keypad
☰ 9. How do I delete all the Keypads linked to a door?
You can do this in two ways. Either you keep the keypads of a door or you delete the line in the database linked to the door.
Keypad reset from database
☰ 10. What is the purpose of the buttons in the Keypad list?
The buttons are there to provide a realistic logic that also improves the gameplay by making it less redundant, it avoids making the action tedious when it is not necessary. If you entered a code to get into a room it makes sense that you don't have to enter a code to get out, so you put a button that you link to the door. Otherwise it would be boring and unrealistic. Unlike some Keypads that don't think like that. On the other hand it also allows you to create hidden switches in small places to unlock doors.
Keypad List in Gmod Spawnmenu
☰ 11. When there is more than one door how do you add a note to the database line to know which door it is?
It is possible to leave a note as a memo to each line of the database. To do this right click on the line and select Memo.
You can give a name to the door. Since there is no way to tell that a door belongs to a pharmacy for example.
Gmod Keypad Database management
☰ 12. Can I teleport to a door to check if it is the right one?
Yes, from the database right click on the door you want to check and click on: "Teleport to".
Gmod Keypad Database management
☰ 13. Is it possible to hack the Keypads in game with this script?
Not at the moment. If it is, I never make DLC so it will be in an update or as a job if this feature is requested.
☰ 14. Is there a Keypad with letters for text codes?
Yes it is the Alphabetical Keyboard #6 which is the 6th keypad of the list. It allows you to write text type codes. A shift button allows to switch between modes.
Textual Keypad Gmod
☰ 15. What does the orange LED on the keypads mean?
When a password is wrong the keyboard is locked you have to wait until it turns red. This means that it has left the lock mode. Keypads without an orange LED will show a lock.
Gmod Keypad 1
Gmod Keypad 2
Gmod Button 1
Gmod Button 2
☰ 16. What is the difference between deleting a row in the database and resetting the row's keypads?
Deleting the row is the same as making the door available.
Reset keeps the door locked and the passwords. You will be able to add Keypads again without having to configure anything again (Passwords, Memo)
☰ 17. Is the script compatible with Gmod Lock and Key System?
Yes, if there is any interference with one of my scripts please report it. The support is to provide a solution.

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