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Zworld - Gamemode Single, Multiplayer & Server - Script

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This is the source code of my Zworld gamemode for your Garry's Mod server. Zworld is an Adventure Survival Horror RPG. The Gamemode places the player in the skin of a character who is not a superhero over trained, you will have to evolve in an environment animated by the cycles of days and nights, of the 4 seasons, where a mysterious epidemic has transformed most of the population into undead. As a healthy person, the player must die as soon as possible by all the technical and intellectual means at his disposal, he will have to go through an environment to recover food, water, weapons, crafting materials and medicines. Zworld is the first gamemode of Originahl Scripts but my 2nd gamemode, it is intended for your Gmod servers but the version has been reworked to also work without a server, it is the most complete gamemode of Garry's Mod, it does not need addons to work its content alone is enough. You can see the effects of the optimizations in extremely short loading times. And if you want to make your own maps to offer a unique experience the embedded tools will allow you to generate a complete environment on your own maps.

The first Home screen Zworld Title Screen Characters menu Survive the world after Day Night Cycle System 4 seasons cycle Browse the maps and get materials by searching everything you can Random Locks and Keys system Lockpicking Collecting rainwater Gardening Take advantage of the seasons to stock up,by example here with mushroom in autumn fishing-to-survive Fishing games in a survival game cook-to-survive To hunt or be hunted Craft and build your camp Barricade yourself to slow down the progression of the zombies, protect yourself while you sleep Enemies have a realistic field of view use the environment to sneak up on you Electricity system Complet Vehicles systems include vehicles-maintenance-and-repair Vehicles dashboard and functionality Logical animation for a best RP Intuitive gesture and voice-menu Intuitive weapons interaction One touch to Reload unload and deploy 5 mods of HUD Store your money in bankers or ATMs With various merchants buy and resell the material The karma system, becomes a bandit or friendly for your actions Inventory system Skills tree Game statistics Characters health conditions Unique Gmod Fire System Administration system includes made for Zworld that no other system can meet Weather environment management panel

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Description of Zworld - Gamemode Single, Multiplayer & Server

1. Presentations:
  1. πŸ“˜ Description of the Zworld gamemode
  2. πŸ“• Description of the Zworld administration system

2. Zworld Gameplay Mechanics:
  1. πŸ“¦ Scavenge the environment to equip yourself and better organize your survival
  2. πŸ”’ Random lock and color key system
  3. πŸ”‘ Picking system
  4. 🌧️ Rainwater harvesting
  5. 🌱 Gardening, farming
  6. πŸ„ Fall mushroom collecting
  7. 🎣 Fishing
  8. πŸ— Hunting
  9. 🌳 Wood
  10. 🍳 Cooking certain foods
  11. πŸ”¨ The Crafting
  12. 🧱 Building shelters and camps
  13. 🧰 Barricades
  14. πŸ’§ Water, sources of supply, and rainwater collection
  15. ⚑ The electricity
  16. β›½ The gasoline
  17. πŸ”₯ Fire
  18. 🧠 The optimized AI artificial intelligence (Nextbot)
  19. πŸš™ The complete vehicle system in Zworld
  20. πŸ‘ Roleplay animations and security
  21. πŸ”ͺ The weapons
  22. πŸ’° The currency system
  23. πŸ›’ The merchant Pnjs
  24. ☯️ The Karma system
  25. πŸ’ͺ Health conditions and state alterations
  26. πŸ’‘ The realistic flashlight system
  27. πŸ“’ The 3D voice communication
  28. πŸšͺ The interactive door system

3. The dynamic and realistic environment:
  1. β˜€οΈ Cycle of days and nights
  2. ❄️ The cycle of the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
  3. β˜‚οΈ The weather conditions
  4. 🌑️ The evolving temperature system

4. The management and administration tools of a Zworld server:
  1. πŸ“¦ The administration panel
  2. πŸ’³ VIP System
  3. πŸͺ™ Credits (Payable currency can be disabled)
  4. πŸ“‘ Server commands for donation systems
  5. πŸ›‘οΈ Security system
  6. πŸ”« The Zworld toolgun: The AdminEye

5. The interfaces:
  1. πŸ”ƒ The interface of exchange between players without dropping items on the ground
  2. πŸ’¬ The chat
  3. βš™οΈ The client options menu (F1)
  4. πŸ–– Gesture and voice interaction shortcut menu
  5. πŸ“¦ The Scoreboard
  6. πŸ₯‡ Leaderboard for competition or scoring

6. The Character:
  1. πŸŽ’ The inventory menu
  2. ⬆️ Experience and leveling points
  3. 🧩 The skill tree of your character
  4. πŸ“ˆ Character and player game stats
  5. ❀️ The different states of the character
  6. ☣️ The viral infection

7. Installation and configuration:
  1. πŸͺ› Installation
  2. βš™οΈ Server configuration from the interface
  3. πŸ“ Gamemode configuration from files
  4. 🎨 The maps build
  5. πŸ“œ The rules of your server

1. Presentations:

πŸ“˜ 1.1 Description of the Zworld gamemode

Zworld is an adventure RPG, survival horror. The Gamemode places the player in the skin of a character who is not a superhero overtrained, you will have to evolve in an environment animated by the cycles of days and nights, of the 4 seasons, where a mysterious epidemic has transformed most of the population into undead. As a healthy person, the player must die as soon as possible by all the technical and intellectual means at his disposal, he will have to go through an environment to collect food, water, weapons, crafting materials and medicines: all the elements essential to his survival. This quest is made more complex by the contagious, offensive and deadly nature of the infected, which must be dodged or killed. It is possible to cooperate with other players, but also to avoid them or eliminate them to plunder their base and their stock of materials. The karma assigned to your behavior can classify you as a bandit, neutral or friendly player, or even a hero.

Many activities will allow you to earn experience points that will make you level up. Each level unlocks skill points that allow you to specialize in certain areas. There is no job system, because it is not a DarkRP.

I coded Zworld with a lot of passion and from a blank page, in order to make the project I wanted but also to bluff my players to the point they forget they are on Half Life 2 and Garry's Mod. The very short loading time might make them think that there is no content on the server when they will first ignore everything in the summary of this description you are reading which is the total content of Zworld without any addons.

Zworld doesn't need any addons to run, no gamemode base, no sandbox, no mounted game, the gamemode content is enough, Zworld is its own base, it fits in a single downloadable workshop pack that contains only the materials, models and audio files, so you don't lose your players in endless loadouts.

The original audio files are compositions that I wrote and recorded with my own resources and instruments.

You will have the option to play solo or multiplayer, or even host this project on your own server.

As the owner, you will have the option of setting up your server for pure PvP (player vs. player) play, or for a server that emphasizes RP (role-playing) or PvE (player vs. environment) cooperation.

Zworld offers a rich, interactive and lively environment with minimal impact on your server's performance. The file size is small and does not require any addons as it is already complete on its own. You also don't need to look for an administration system because it is already included and more complete. None of them will match the capabilities of Zworld. Install and it works.

To join a Zworld server, count on average 7 seconds (Confirm me if it is the same for you, I will remove this parenthesis if you confirm me this information on your side).

πŸ“• 1.2 Description of the Zworld administration system

The administration system (F2 menu) of Zworld was the first thing I designed when I created Zworld, Zworld was designed around this administration system. It was also my tool that allowed me to quickly adapt my server in real time to gameplay requests and modifications according to the type of map without recoding Zworld or touching the configuration file, or rebooting. I made it evolve to adapt it to the Originahl Scripts version. More optimized, more customization options, easier to use and configure.

So it has a complete and unique administration system of its own, you can make rain and shine with it by controlling the weather, the seasons. In addition to having a ridiculously small size, this allows you to reduce the amount of Lua code uploaded to your server.
The less the server sends, the more bandwidth is saved. And also the shorter the loading time.

Avoid installing an administration system other than Zworld. Chances are that this system does not understand where it is. Zworld doesn't follow any standard on Gmod, it's the opposite of what I do today. It is coded from scratch, with no sandbox. It has its own spawnmenu that allows you to spawn only compatible entities in the game, it has over 400 different useful objects that it will not be possible to list in this huge description. I reserve the wiki for that.

Manage the whole database from the F2 administration interface. You will also find the ranking there.
Non-administrator players who use the F2 menu will see the various player leaderboards, the rules, and the spawnmenu. They will not be able to spawn items. They will simply see a list of existing items in Zworld, which is a way to inform them of what they can find in the game.

2. Zworld Gameplay Mechanics:

πŸ“¦ 2.1 Scavenge the environment to equip yourself and better organize your survival

Zworld has a richly interactive environment everything you see serves a purpose, a wide variety of lootable containers that can be vehicles or furniture allows you to create areas as Owner where the loot will be organized by category. Furniture for homes, industrial, military, hospitals, offices etc..
In a fridge of a house for example you will have a chance to find food until then it is intuitive logic. In a bed you can rest, etc... This is what we call game design, leading the player by intuition to assimilate the gameplay. Although I will do my best to provide a complete and detailed wiki.

πŸ”’ 2.2 Random lock and color key system

In an urban environment, you will probably need access to places you don't have a key to, closed by strong doors and locks. Places or furniture where you can find food, medicine, weapons or simply shelter. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of these resources. There are 9 different types of keys, differentiated by colors. To open a red lock you will need the "Red" key. "Red!!!".
During your session you will be able to face a locked door or a locked piece of furniture. To open it you have two solutions, either use the right key or pick the lock if you have the skill and the pick kit.

The system defines at the start of Zworld which piece of furniture will be locked and which door will be locked randomly. The administration tool allows you to configure the frequency but also to stage the closed doors by choosing the lock color of a particular door or piece of furniture.

An unlocked object can be locked again with the same key.

πŸ”‘ 2.3 Picking system

More dynamic than the keys if you have selected them as a skill on your character, you will sometimes have the chance to find a lock-picking kit. This one could replace the keys. Sometimes among the 9 types of lock colors there is a 10th one that has no color. In addition to being useful and to be able to replace the keys the kit of picking allows to open its locks without color. Because the key without color does not exist.

Each lock has its own number of latches to be unlocked to be able to turn the lock, but also its level of lock which can make the picking more or less easy.

Successfully picking a lock will not damage your tool. And you can earn between 30 and 60 experience points.
Failing a lockpick will damage your tool, you will still gain between 10 and 30 experience points. Each failure will wear out your kit by 21%, the wear is reduced by 1% per level of lockpicking skill, so at level 20 in lockpicking your failure will only wear out your kit by 1%.

🌧️ 2.4 Rainwater harvesting

The meteorology of Zworld has both advantages and disadvantages.
Rain can be exploited by collecting its water.
All you need is a basin (which can hold 15 Measures of water) or a bucket (which can hold 5 Measures of water). Leave it outside and when it rains, it will automatically fill up with 1 measure of water every 2 minutes.
Once the small containers are full you can store them in barrels holding up to 50 measures of water.
One measure of water corresponds to one use. For example "Drinking" uses one measure of water.
The small bottle contains 1 measure of water.
The gourd contains 2 measures of water.
The large bottle contains 4 measures of water.
The watering can contains 10 measures of water (for watering your soup)

🌱 2.5 Gardening, farming

Farming in Zworld is new since version 3.0.9 (June 2019), it will allow you to survive more independently in the Zworldian wilderness, away from urban areas and human conflicts in exchange for a little effort. This activity also brings experience points.
Between hunting, fishing and gardening, survival in organization and community makes sense when everyone has an important role in their group.
Another important thing is that fruits and vegetables in Zworld are the only foods that can feed you and hydrate you at the same time. I invite you to try chili in winter ^^.

πŸ„ 2.6 Fall mushroom collecting

In Zworld mushrooms appear only during the autumn season in the foliage and grass, you can find them in different environments. There are edible ones, poisonous ones and others with beneficial effects (anti-poison, anti-pain). There are 9 types of mushrooms.

🎣 2.7 Fishing

The fishing system is a game unto itself in Zworld. You have many ways to survive, fishing for food is one of many survival methods, plus you won't always be in town enjoying the urban comforts and warm welcome of the zombies.
This doesn't make Zworld any more difficult, but simply brings more variety to the gameplay and competition with the fishing ranking system that shows who has caught the biggest fish. Fishing also brings experience points.

Caught fish can be cooked on the fire, eaten raw, but also a resource to be traded or sold to a merchant for currency that can be used at other in-game merchants.

πŸ— 2.8 Hunting

As a server owner, you will have the ability to place docking points for animals. Killed animals can be butchered for meat and various crafting materials such as feathers, leather, fat, poison pouches, etc. Try not to miss a boar. It's no fun getting killed by anything other than a zombie in a zombie game.

🌳 2.9 Wood

Equip yourself with your favorite axe or chainsaw and hit a tree. A gauge will fill up faster or slower depending on your skill level in this craft.
Once the gauge is full, you get your wood in your inventory. It is possible to repeat the process until the tree falls.
-Cut trees are restored after a server restart.
-Wood is very heavy. You won't be able to escape if you don't get organized.

When you have selected a map to set up your game you will probably have to place the trees to be cut down on it. The trees you place are persistent.

🍳 2.10 Cooking certain foods

In Zworld, you can eat some foods raw but others are more effective when cooked.
Cooking a food increases the hunger and health benefits by a factor of 3. Failing to cook divides the basic values by 3.
Cooked food increases body heat by +50%, which is useful when you are surviving in winter. Don't forget to feed the fire with wood. And to your pots and pans.

πŸ”¨ 2.11 The Crafting

To access the crafting menu open your 'Q' inventory, at the bottom right you will find the 'CRAFT' button. When you add items to the item combination panel by displaying the result you will be able to see everything you can craft from it. Click on a result to see the quantities needed. You will be able to craft healing items, constructions, ammunition etc. The list of crafts will be added on the wiki page of the gamemode.

🧱 2.12 Building shelters and camps

Buildings are structures you can create (crafter) using materials you find in your survival adventure.
This is what you will use to create your shelter, a base where you will welcome and help other survivors.

The buildings allow you to keep your resources safe, to shelter from the rain, to sleep in peace, to keep warm and to store your weapons, ammunition and any material you collect in the Zworld universe.
Be careful, they can catch fire and the fire can spread to all other wooden constructions nearby.

You will be able to find out who the building is from by analyzing it and also to evaluate its condition.

Constructions wear out over time, that is to say, at each reboot of the server they lose a little of their life point. At zero they disappear after a reboot, so as not to overload the gmod server with abandoned bases. This is an automatic cleaning. Maintenance is still an activity that earns experience points. The skill points spent in carpentry will allow you to do this easily.

🧰 2.13 Barricades

A zombie game without the ability to barricade is not a zombie game. Barricades are the first and last line of defense to postpone the moment of your downfall when you have no more equipment to defend yourself and you are stuck facing the infinite stamina of the zombies, use your crafting materials to place boards here and there, hit with a hammer and it's fixed. It will last maybe 20 seconds against the massive arrival of undead that saw you through the window.

πŸ’§ 2.14 Water, sources of supply, and rainwater collection

Our need for drinking water is obvious, knowing that water represents almost 70% of our body weight. Water is therefore a necessary load to carry for survival, but it is impossible to carry enough to cover our needs for weeks or months. It is therefore necessary to stock up on water along the way. In Zworld there are different ways to get supplies. Rivers, lakes, rain, in the fridges of the houses you search.

⚑ 2.15 The electricity

In the game you will find vehicles whose battery is empty. We had to invent a way to recharge them. Knowing that the car batteries have several useful roles in our adventure. I created a generator system, it's an autonomous device able to produce electricity to power other devices. You will need to supply it with gasoline to make it work.
Thus you will be able to place lamps to light your base at night but also in tactical directions to dazzle your human enemies. You can also recharge car batteries.

β›½ 2.16 The gasoline

Gasoline is a precious resource. Scour the map in search of the last vehicles to siphon off the tanks with a hose and a jerry can, make flammable traps, supply your vehicles with gasoline, recharge your zippo lighter, feed your electric generator. Stock up for the winter.

πŸ”₯ 2.17 Fire

Don't make the mistake of thinking that a fire extinguisher is useless. Not in Zworld. Fire is part of the scenery as an owner, you will be able to place different permanent fires of different levels that will define the intensity of the fire. The purpose of the fire is to block passages. The user will have to equip himself with a fire extinguisher to be able to extinguish it and unlock the passage. The permanent fire remains extinguished for 24 hours and comes back to life. Putting out permanent fires gives experience points.
The permanent fire is also part of the apocalyptic decor. If you don't want it, don't put it. It should be noted that it has no impact on the performance of the game server.

🧠 2.18 The optimized AI artificial intelligence (Nextbot)

For optimization purposes, and this is fine with me since they are zombies, the creatures are not intelligent but if they see you, they will run towards you or the last point where they saw you last, they will eventually give up the hunt if no sign of life is seen. You will be able to throw objects to distract them and allow you to move unnoticed. Sometimes you will have no choice but to crawl on the ground due to a lack of defensive equipment or a health condition that does not allow you to run. I hope you have some food in your backpack. For a working artificial intelligence don't forget to use maps with its navmesh, the navmesh allows to make the movement of nextbots work in our case zombies and animals.

Be careful with the noises you make, the creatures are able to hear gunshots from far away and can make a tense situation overwhelming.

πŸš™ 2.19 The complete vehicle system in Zworld

Zworld has always had its own vehicle system, a safety system that allows the cars to not spawning into each other that avoids unnecessary performance losses but the optimization does not stop there.

All vehicles are equipped with a trunk, a light system, a front hood that allows to examine the state of the vehicle and to maintain it, a passenger seat. None of these entities are invisible welded entities. There is only one entity per vehicle, which is the vehicle itself. Everything is calculated and predefined per vehicle in Lua. This avoids CPU and bandwidth stress when a vehicle is in motion.

Each vehicle has a maximum fuel capacity depending on the model, and a variable storage space. For example you will have more space in a bus than in a cab.

On the maintenance level there is work for the one who has spent skill points in engineering. He will be able to maintain it efficiently and faster than the others. The maintenance and upkeep of vehicles earns experience points.

You will be able to siphon off all the vehicles you encounter if you have the equipment to do so.

πŸ‘ 2.20 Roleplay animations and security

The most unrealistic thing I often see in Gmod videos is that when players are talking to each other in a roleplay way they point a gun at each other's face. That's not realistic.

I was very influenced by the first Resident Evil games where you had to point your gun to shoot. I find it safe to have a passive posture with a gun when you don't have hostile intent towards another person, clean and realistic, and during discussions between survivors the listener doesn't feel threatened by a gun pointed at their face. In short, in addition to providing a natural security you avoid the miss click that headshot a player offering you to share a piece of sausage near his campfire.

For another animation you will have the possibility to infiltrate on your stomach which was an innovation in 2013 for Garry's Mod. Unlike the existing system the prone mod includes does not stress the bandwidth and cpu of the server, it is verifiable and measurable with the command net_graph 3.

πŸ”ͺ 2.21 The weapons

Zworld contains a collection of 37 diverse and multi-purpose weapons all optimized to consume a minimum of server resources as you will see when using the net_graph on 3.
11 melee weapons, 17 firearms, 8 throwing weapons, 11 types of ammunition

Melee weapons: Melee weapons have the advantage of being discreet, zombies won't be able to hear them, you'll be able to charge your shots with the secondary attack and link them with the primary attack, each shot consumes stamina. The damage will depend on your skill points used in this category and your strength.

Handguns: Beware of the noise, the shots can attract creatures, the handgun allows you to carry a flashlight and to light up where you aim.

Primary Weapons: Beware of noise as well, primary weapons are made for big excursions in dangerous areas and to do big damage, if you have the ammunition that goes with it. It is difficult to hold the flashlight at the same time as a weapon with both hands. So lighting is not the specialty of heavy weapons. Prefer cooperation and organization, you don't run in the dark.

Melee weapons do not need ammunition, but they wear out with use.

πŸ’° 2.22 The currency system

The currency is an object of its own and not just a variable - you can touch it, drop it, burn it, exchange it and use it at one of the many merchants. Or light your campfire with it.
No need to display the currency on the HUD. Open your inventory and if you have collected any you will see it.
Store it in a bank, the stored money is stored in your in-game account. A ranking of the richest player and is set according to what he has in the bank. You will find banker njs but also ATMs for this.

πŸ›’ 2.23 The Merchands NPCS

A variety of merchants will offer services for buying materials and selling items specific to their category. A medik for example might be interested in mushrooms and healing items. The possibility to spend credits to buy items is yours. Just like the possibility to place permanent merchants.

☯️ 2.24 The Karma system

Karma is an important variable in Zworld, it affects some of your actions and the way certain situations unfold. In addition to Karma, Zworld introduces the concept of reputation which complements it. For example, your Karma can affect the behavior of certain players towards you and the access to certain places. A player who has acquired the rank of bandit will probably not leave an area populated by friendly people.

Your number of Karma points is defined by "Titles", these titles are segmented in 3 "alignments": Bad, Neutral, Good...
Karma is "Grouped" into different stages (or tiers), five in total, ranging from very bad, to very good. Each stage is defined by the number of Karma points you have (from 0 ( Super Bandit ) to 1000 ( Hero )), the Karma points are visible on your profile page and in the scoreboard.

The 5 different titles :
Super Bandit = below 0 karma points
Bandit = below 450 karma points
Neutral = Between 450 and 800 karma points (default)
Friendly = More than 800 karma points
Hero = 1000 karma points

πŸ’ͺ 2.25 Health conditions and state alterations

The state alterations are characterized by icons on the left side of your screen.
There are 13 of them:
Health, Stamina, Thirst, Hunger, Infection, Paused Infection, Bleeding, Shock, Inventory Overload, Hypothermia, Wet Clothes, Cold Protection, Fatigue, Shock, Critical, Risk of catching fire, Poisoning, Broken Bone, and when your health is critical the outline of the screen turns red. I provide more technical information about each in the wiki.

πŸ’‘ 2.26 The realistic flashlight system

A worked animation with a fluid movement effect, sprint with a flashlight in the dark in hand and you will understand. Do the same in third person view, you will understand that this is not the default flashlight system of HL2 on GMod. It is a lamp that follows the movement of your arm. Immersion in the rendezvous, it is a system of flashlight worked, do not forget to put batteries, and if you find one broken and you have a spare bulb, well replace it, it's an obvious.

πŸ“’ The 3D voice communication

You have the ability to talk with other survivors in a realistic 3D way, this means that the further away the player is from you the less loud they will hear you. The walkie-talkie is an object that allows you to keep voice communication at any distance in game with your friends, provided that you are on the same frequency and that you have batteries. And of course your radio is not turned off.

πŸšͺ The interactive door system

When you Do "USE" on a door, you will have a menu with several possible interactions with it. For example, knock on the door to signal your presence to other trigger-sensitive humans that you are also human and your intention is not to surprise them but also to make the creatures present react. Don't worry, you can always open them by pressing the shortcut "Sprint + Use" to avoid having the menus to do the main door opening action. Because you have the option to open the door quickly, making as much noise as possible, or discreetly, which allows you to open the door quietly and slowly, perfect for infiltration and hiding your presence.
The doors of the maps will sometimes be your only defense, you will have the choice between repairing them, and improving them. These upgrades are only valid for the session.
Each door has its own life points and can be destroyed. They will regenerate after a server restart.

3. The dynamic and realistic environment:

β˜€οΈ 3.1 Cycle of days and nights

Zworld has a calendar system and a day/night cycle that will pace the game session and difficulty. In Afterlight mode (if activated from the administration panel), at night, zombies that were slow during the day become sprinters with infinite endurance.

The virtual 24 hour cycle in the game is equivalent to 1 real hour. A day in Zworld lasts one hour.
It takes 365 hours to complete a full year's cycle. This is equivalent to about 15 days to complete a year in the virtual world.

Zworld was the first day/night cycle mod on Gmod to integrate the movement of the sun in the sky and the projection of shadows on the environment without impacting the network or the server CPU. The system is fully pre-computed and interpreted on the client side according to the server side time.

❄️ 3.2 The cycle of the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

The day/night cycle not being sufficient, the system works on a 4 seasons cycle, faithful to its calendar. This brings its share of changes, advantages and difficulties.
In spring you find blue skies, nature revives, its advantages and the field of birds. Insects abound which allows you to have bait for fishing for example.
In summer, enjoy the good weather so you don't die from being eaten by a zombie. Grow your own food, improve your base.
In autumn, the leaves of the trees take on the color of autumn and some of them lose their leaves, mushrooms grow near the vegetation in a random way, which makes nature as beautiful as unpredictable.
In winter, things get more complicated. The cold arrives, the trees are snowed in/frozen, hypothermia becomes a variable to consider in your survival adventure. The campfire becomes your ally, so does the car heater, so does cooked food. Upgrade your clothing to reduce the effects of cold, etc...

β˜‚οΈ 3.3 The weather conditions

The weather will bring its share of distractions, the fog that will reduce the field of vision of the day (and not that of the zombies).
Rainwater will be a resource that you can exploit, collect and store. Outside, it will wet your clothes, increasing the weight of your equipment. You will have different methods to shelter and dry yourself.

🌑️ 3.4 The evolving temperature system

The temperature is a variable that allows you to adapt your protections to the cold for the winter or even to anticipate the arrival of winter, there is an object that allows you to measure it. The clothes you wear can be improved and allow you to have a better body heat during winter.

4. The management and administration tools of a Zworld server:

πŸ“¦ 4.1 The administration panel

I will make a separate video to detail everything you can do. In short, the F2 administration panel, allows you to perform all administrative actions and configure your Zworld server. Press F2 to open it, press F2 again to close it. It's clean. Zero commands to know. This is also where you can set the loot rate to 100% of the server.

πŸ’³ 4.2 VIP System

A standard player will only have access to the first character creation slot. The VIP rank unlocks the 4 character creation slots that were initially blocked. They will also have access to event skins. The VIP will proudly display their VIP rank on the bulletin board as a contributing member.

πŸͺ™ 4.3 Credits (Payable currency can be disabled)

The credit system, which is called Zcoin in the game, offers you the possibility to link this credit system to your store on your site, which will be able to allocate them by server command. You will be able to distribute them via the admin panel or your users will be able to buy them via your online store.
What are Zcoins used for? For example to rent an armored door. To activate the VIP rank. Or to buy paid equipment (this is an option you can disable from the admin panel). In the game, players will also have the option to give them to their friends.
It is possible to assign Zcoins by the Rcon command to a user online or offline.

πŸ“‘ 4.4Server commands for donation systems

For those who have a donation system, it is possible from your online store to send Rcon commands to top up an account with credit via steamid64. The command is provided in the wiki page of the script.

πŸ›‘οΈ 4.5 Security system

Zworld does not have a heavy and intrusive anticheat but detects abnormal manipulations and can automatically ban if you have defined it in the configuration file. cfg.Mode_Secure = 1, those who will try to make manipulations on the client side will be automatically banned, this makes a first filter with malicious characters who are not there to contribute positively to your server.

πŸ”« 4.6 The Zworld toolgun: The AdminEye

Zworld's toolgun is called AdminEye, it is the only main animation, administration and map customization tool, you will be able to place the entire Zworld environment on your new maps, modify them and also place and remove spawn points.

A collection of tools allows you to place the various elements that make Zworld's gameplay a rich experience. This is nothing like Garry's Mod toolgun. No template either to keep it simple and optimized. It's called the AdminEye because it allows you to spawn what you want where you look.

A left click to do the defined action, the reload key or a right click to open the toolgun action menu to assign functionality to your click. For example, you can select a group of creatures and make them walk where you clicked.

5. The interfaces:

πŸ”ƒ 5.1 The interface of exchange between players without dropping items on the ground

There is nothing more pleasant than to be able to exchange with a friend without having your equipment stolen from under your nose. An exchange system allows this, you invite each other to exchange after validation the exchange menu opens and each one can place objects. When one confirms, the other must also say that he is ready to confirm the exchange, during the validation phase no one can add and remove items from the menu, this secures the transaction and avoids the withdrawal just before the final exchange. It's clean and intuitive. The primary goal of this system was to optimize the server, it allows the server to not spawn items and minimize the risk of crashes. This way, other players who are not affected do not receive any information about the bandwidth.

πŸ’¬ 5.2 The chat

Gmod's basic global or team chat was a limit to what Zworld's game mechanics could offer.
In Zworld, a fully scripted chat system allows players to write in a global chat but more importantly, they can whisper or shout a message that includes the distance of receiving messages and does not pollute the game of those who are far away. The radio channel allows you to write on private channels depending on the frequency of your walkie talkie. For example, if you are on the same frequency with a group of friends, only they will receive the message, regardless of the distance. Don't forget to turn it on and change the batteries.
This can have a big influence on the quality of roleplay on your server. But it also allows you not to pollute the chat or to transmit technical information and strategy to your enemies.
The /roll allows you to roll a die that generates a random number between 0 and 100 sometimes useful to decide between you a loot. Or simply to know who goes first.
The System tab allows you to store all the system messages to avoid the system messages being mixed with the game chat.

βš™οΈ 5.3 The client options menu (F1)

The F1 menu is the client options menu, it allows you to activate and deactivate the Zwold options on the client side. To adjust the volume of the background music but also to stop it. To activate and deactivate the dynamic light and the quality of the shadows.

πŸ–– 5.4 Gesture and voice interaction shortcut menu

The gmod context menu button is replaced by a gesture interaction menu useful to silently transmit a strategic order. Or simply to say hello or approve something with a thumbs up. If you press for a second, the gesture interaction menu gives way to predefined voice messages depending on the gender of your character. If it's a man, it will be a male voice. If it's a woman, it will be a woman's voice.

πŸ“¦ 5.5 The Scoreboard

Get an overview of the online players and their game statistics. You will be able to see the rules. See the steam account and copy the steamid64 of the person from the scoreboard. But also all admin actions you can do from the admin panel are applicable, for example to ban a player or kick him.

πŸ₯‡ 5.6 Leaderboard for competition or scoring

6. The Character:

πŸŽ’ 6.1 The inventory menu

Each character you create has its own inventory, anything you find can be stored in your inventory in exchange for an inventory clutter penalty, the more you are loaded, the slower you move. The backpack, which has limited space and requires access time to access and retrieve items, helps combat clutter. This is a choice that will be specific to your preferences. Digging skill points will help reduce this access time.

⬆️ 6.2 Experience and leveling points

The RPG part of Zworld is that you have several ways to earn experience points to improve your character. Each level you gain earns you skill points that you can redistribute in the skill menu. Make choices based on your environment. Choosing doors is not useful when you are surviving in the forest.

🧩 6.3 The skill tree of your character

You can access the skills menu from the tab in the inventory: Skills.
When you create a new character, you have 5 skill points to allocate, which can help you get started. Each additional level will earn you one skill point. Skills go up to level 20 maximum. This means that you can't be a specialist in everything. Some actions will require a minimum level.
The list of skills is divided into 6 categories:
Physical skills: Stamina + Sprint + Strength.
Melee weapon skills: Damage + Strike Speed + Stamina.
Firearms skills: Accuracy + Recoil + Reload speed.
Crafting: Lumberjack + Carpenter + Engineering.
Survival: Medical + Fishing + Gardening + Digging + Locking.
Resistance: Cold + Hunger + Thirst + Sleep.

πŸ“ˆ 6.4 Character and player game stats

You can access the game statistics from the inventory tab: Stats.
Here you will find all the statistics of your character and your account. The leaderboards are based on the same game statistics.

❀️ 6.5 The different states of the character

You will have the possibility to display 4 styles of HUD more or less discreet or even to disable the HUD if you want to play without it for those who like to put the rubber on the realism. If your character is not too well, the outline turns red to let you know if you are thirsty, hungry, poisoned, sick.

☣️ 6.6 The viral infection

As in any good George Romero inspired zombie apocalypse film, there is no cure for Z infection. It can be contracted from contact with the undead, which is reason enough to keep them away. In real life, a virus can't be cured with antibiotics like in most zombie games, antibiotics only work with bacteria. In Zworld, you have antivirals and not antibiotics, this is a detail that I find important and credible. They help slow down the spread of Virus Z when you are infected. Virus Z is not curable, it only takes one more contact for the progression to pick up where it left off. When you die, your corpse will resurrect as the undead.

7. Installation and configuration:

πŸͺ› 7.1 Installation

Install the zworld folder in the gamemode folder of your Garry's Mod game if you want to play solo or host a session. And that's all.

It's the same handling on your server's FTP to make your Zworld server on Garry's Mod. It is better that Gmod works properly from the beginning.

Gmod must be clean and healthy, 0 addon installed except maps and resource pack. Do not try Zworld with 150 scripts the first time. I don't guarantee compatibility with workshop scripts or others. Zworld is Zworld, it is not designed to follow a standard for optimization reasons, it is not intended to be modified or adapted to other addons, it works without addon.

βš™οΈ 7.2 Server configuration from the interface

The configuration panel accessible from the F2 menu allows you to adapt variables such as the maximum number of zombies depending on the map, see wiki.

πŸ“ 7.3 Gamemode configuration from files

The configuration file allows you to make deeper changes to Zworld. A section in the wiki is dedicated to this topic

🎨 7.4 The maps build

As the owner, you'll have the ability to customize your server's maps with the included tools to create the game environment in real time. Place permanent fires, rummage furniture, trees, vegetation in the form of ghost entities, merchants, vehicle spawn points and any other entity that makes the world of Zworld a richly interactive environment.

πŸ“œ 7.5 The rules of your server

You will be able to write lines on the rules of your server and share them quite easily, this is visible via the scoreboard, in the F2 menu and on the title screen when you arrive on the server.

πŸ”Ή WIKI & F.A.Q πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Wiki πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Wiki πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Wiki of Zworld - Gamemode Single, Multiplayer & Server

Zworld - Gamemode Single, Multiplayer & Server

☰ 1. Installation of Zworld - Gamemode Single, Multiplayer & Server
Installation: Download and Unzip the folder zworld.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,
Path: garrysmod/addons/zworld
☰ 2. Where can I find resources and materials? What is the Zworld - Gamemode Single, Multiplayer & Server Workshop id?
Vous trouverez les ressources dans le workshop de Garry's Mod sur Steam. - Gmod Workshop ID of Zworld - Gamemode Single, Multiplayer & Server: 109691377
- The AddWorkshop function is automatically added to the script server file and can be deactivated from the configuration file. : resource.AddWorkshop( 109691377 )
- To add gmod workshop resources to your collection : Zworld - Gamemode Single, Multiplayer & Server [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop
☰ 3. How reset the databases of the server or Gmod?
To reset the databases of the server or Gmod :
1- Delete the folder DATA:

2- And sv.db:
☰ 4. Installation: What are the requirements?
You need Garry's Mod on Steam.
Zworld is compatible on a Gmod server but it can also be installed on your PC in offline Solo and Multiplayer. There is no DRM.
Do not install anything else that could break the good functioning of Gmod. Zworld runs without any addon.
☰ 5. Gamemode Installation: How to install a gmod gamemode like Zworld?
Unzip the downloaded file and put the zworld folder in the gamemodes folder
Path: GarrysMod / garrysmod / gamemodes
☰ 6. Gamemode Installation: How do I run Zworld gamemode on my PC?
If you have installed it on your PC, the gamemode will appear in the GMod home menu at the bottom right.
☰ 7. Gamemode Installation: How do I run Zworld gamemode on my server?
Once the upload is finished. Before starting your server.
To launch the Zworld gamemode on the server, use the file: autoexec.cfg
Path: GarrysMod / cfg / autoexec.cfg
And add the line: gamemode zworld
☰ 8. Configuration file: Where is the configuration file?
The configuration file is called: zworld_setting_server.lua
Path : zworld/gamemode/configuration/zworld_setting_server.lua
☰ 9. Configuration file: How to change the number of players displayed in the different player ranking tables, for example Top 30 becomes Top 10?
To change the number of players displayed in the Top30 players ranking, find the variable: cfg.topsetting
cfg.topsetting = 30
☰ 10. Configuration file: How to add/remove a role, or modify it?
Find the variable: cfg.roles_list in the configuration file.
You will see that each role has a numerical index. This is the order of importance. This number is the access level of a rank. For example:
For perma ban players the level is 0: [0]={"Perma Banned",Color(255,0,0)},
For default players: [10]={"User",Color(255,255,255),1}, 10 is the level of a normal player.
VIPs [14]={"VIP",Color(0,200,0),1},
And the SuperAdmin is the level: [50]={"SuperAdmin",Color(255,0,0),1},
As an Owner you don't need to do any manipulation to be an admin it's automated. Join and you will already have your superadmin rank.
You can change the names of the ranks without any impact on its role since the access levels are configured according to the level of the rank. The name is only an indicator and does not matter. This means that if you change the name all players with that rank will have their rank name changed without having to place them in a new rank.
☰ 11. Configuration file: How to configure access levels in the administration and management system?
Have fun with the variable: cfg.Rank_Power_Access in the configuration file.
You will be able to limit point by point each administrative and management interaction by access level in relation to the rank level. For example 50 means that only superadmin and above can do this action.
competition_panel_access = 10, --From which rank on a user can see the competition panel.
staff_panel_access = 20, --From what rank is a user considered a staff member?
grant_to_kick = 50, --From which rank a user can kick.
grant_to_ban = 50, --From what rank can a user ban?
grant_no_limit_npcs = 50, -- From what rank can a role create more npcs than the limit applied to the configuration file?
grant_explosion_tools = 50, -- Can use explosion tools
grant_spawnmenu_vehicle = 39, -- Can produce vehicles from the Zworld spawnmenu
grant_can_cleanup = 39, -- Can clean up the server
can_use_constructions_slot = 39, -- Can save constructions to slots and load them.
can_delete_perma_ent_admineye = 50, -- Can delete the permanent entity
can_use_spectator_mod = 50, -- Can use Spectator mod
can_kill = 50, -- Can kill with admin power
grant_use_weapon_adminmod = 50, -- At what level a role can use a weapon in creator mode
adminmod_can_openinvenotry = 50, -- At what level a role can use a weapon in creator mode
can_administrate_from_scoreboard = 50, -- Can administer from the scoreboard (without F2)
can_spawn_entity_with_admineye = 50, -- Can spawn an entity with the Zworld Toolgun (AdminEye)
can_spawn_entity_with_spawnmenu = 40, -- Can use the spawn menu to spawn items.
can_use_creator_mod = 50, -- Can use the creator mod
can_customise_the_map = 50, -- Can customize the map
can_give_money = 50, -- Can give money with the admin function
access_weather_panel = 50, -- Can change the weather, seasons and time of day.
access_server_setting = 30, -- Can set the server from the admin panel
can_launch_link_of_music = 30, -- Can launch music from a link
can_set_svloadingurl = 50, -- Can edit the svloadingurl
can_change_the_map = 50, -- Can change the server map and restart on the same map
can_set_server_configuration = 30, -- Can set the server configuration
can_place_makers_on_map = 30, -- Can place markers on the map (Users will see these points on their paper map and HUD)
can_reloot_furnitures = 30, -- Can force reloot of all furniture
can_restore_tree = 30, -- Can force regeneration of all trees
can_edit_users_database = 50, -- Can modify the users database
can_use_teleportation = 30, -- Can use the administration's teleportation system
can_use_undercover = 30, -- Can use undercover
can_send_hord = 30, -- Can send a horde on a player
can_use_force_model = 30, -- Can force user to select a new game model
can_use_search_in_database = 50, -- Can use the search function of the database.
☰ 12. Configuration file: How to disable the custom escape menu?
Find the variable: cfg.zworld_custom_escapemenu in the configuration file.
1 = Enable Zworld escape menu. 0 = Gmod escape menu
Zworld menu escape
☰ 13. Configuration file: How to change Karma rank names (Super Bandit / Bandit / Neutral / Friendly / Hero)
Find the variable: cfg.karma_list in the configuration file.
The number indicates the levels in karma points to be ranked in an orientation.
{"Super Bandit",0},
{ "Bandit",250},
{ "Neutral",500},
{ "Friendly",750},
☰ 14. Configuration file: Change the different default links to those of the server community?
Replace the original links with your own:
cfg.your_forum_link = "/gmod-scripts/3945/zworld-gamemode-single-multiplayer"
cfg.your_discord_link = "https://discordapp.com/invite/y3rUCTG"
cfg.your_website_link = "/gmod-scripts/page-1"
cfg.community_facebook_page = "https://www.facebook.com/zworld.afterlife"
cfg.community_steam_group = "https://steamcommunity.com/groups/zworld-afterlife"
☰ 15. Configuration file: How to customize the background images?
Replace the default image links with your own
cfg.banner_titlescreen1 = "https://i.imgur.com/tqMh34d.png"
cfg.banner_titlescreen2 = "https://i.imgur.com/tbpBP2o.png"
cfg.banner_titlescreen3 = "https://i.imgur.com/zA43OYW.jpg"
☰ 16. Configuration file: Disable fog effects in the titlescreen menu and the home menu.
cfg.enable_fog_titlescreen1 = 1 -- Enable Norda fog movement system on the titlescreen 1
cfg.enable_fog_titlescreen2 = 1 -- Enable Norda fog movement system on the titlescreen 2
1 = ON, 0 = OFF
☰ 17. Configuration file: How to replace the music of the title screen and the home menu?
cfg.music_title_screen = "zworldmusic/zworld_homescreen.mp3"
cfg.snd_title_call = "zworldeffect/titlecalling2.mp3"
☰ 18. Configuration file: How to enable and disable in-game credits (Zcoins)
If you don't want to display the credits and suppress their use find the variable cfg.Enable_Zcoin_Store
cfg.Enable_Zcoin_Store = 1
1 = ON, 0 = OFF
☰ 19. Configuration file: How to put the link of the community store on the server?
If you have your own online credit purchasing system set the link of your shop. to the variable: cfg.Link_Credit_Store.
cfg.Link_Credit_Store = "https://www.google.com/"
☰ 20. File configuration: How to add maps in the F2 menu on Zworld?
In a few examples: The first variable is the friendly name of the map.
{"Test Map","", "nordahl_workspace"},
{ "Unioncity","", "rp_unioncity_day"},
{ "Southside","", "rp_southside_day"},
☰ 21. Configuration file: How to set up automatic upload of Gmod maps to the Zworld server?
Each map on the workshop has an ID in the link of its page. Put the name of the map and the id. If there are several packs you can add them. This will make the map's package download automatically to the one who connects.
☰ 22. Configuration file: Modify the news banners that are displayed on the home screen of Gmod.
Find the variable: cfg.ingame_news
You will find there a table that you can modify. The link of the images, the clickable link and the title displayed on the banner.
☰ 23. Configuration file: Modify the rules of your server.
Find the variable: cfg.txrule you will see the default server rules. Put it in your own way.
☰ 24. Configuration file: Modify the starter packs after character creation.
Find the variable: cfg.character_starter_pack
You will have the possibility to make free and paid starter packs. The name of the items are minified to limit the weight on the network. In the spawn menu its minified name are displayed on the image of each oblet.
Some examples:
{nom="Destroyer of Z",inv={{"vtm47",31};{"zhf2",101};{"kevlar",10};{"casq1",100};{"hg_de",8};{"a50",60}; {"tw_kni",201};{"tw_bin",1};{"sw_m249",101};{"n556",300};{"tw_rl",2};{"rc",5}},skill=40,zcoin=240},
name = The name of the pack displayed in game.
inv = The starting inventory.
skill = The number of skill points to assign at startup.
zcoin = The count in credits. 0 = Free.
☰ 25. Problem: Why are people in T position on the Gmod server?
This happens when you have addons that override the default animations of Half Life 2's cityen models. As I said in the first line, don't install anything other than Zworld.
☰ 26. Server command: How to add a staff by server command?
zw_cmd set_role steamid64 role_id
steamid64 = The SteamID64 of the account that receives the role per command.
role_id = You can find the list of roles in the variable cfg.roles_list in the configuration file. Replace role_id by 50 for superadmin for example: zw_cmd set_role steamid64 50. 30 for admin and 20 for moderator if you have not changed the configuration.
☰ 27. Server command: How to add a VIP rank by server command?
zw_cmd set_vip "steamid64" time_in_seconds
steamid64 = The SteamID64 of the account that should become VIP
time_in_seconds = This is the time in seconds. Some example: 3600 for 1 hour. 86400 for one day. 2.628e+6 for 1 month.
☰ 28. Server command: How to give credits to a player by server command?
The server command to give Zcoins to the account of a user who has purchased them from your site your donation system must be able to return this command in RCON mode to your server:
zw_cmd give_zcoin steamid64 number
steamid64 = The SteamID64 of the account that should receive the purchased Credits.
number = The quantity.
☰ 29. Server command: How to add/remove a user from the server whitelist by command?
zw_cmd set_whitelist steamid64 bol
steamid64 = The SteamID64 of the account to add to the whitelist.
bol = 1 to put in the whitelist, 0 to remove from the whitelist
☰ 30. Server command: How to ban/unban a user from the server by command?
You can ban and un-ban from the F2 menu by clicking on a simple button.
Here are the console commands you are looking for to ban:
zw_cmd set_ban steamid64 time_index "the_reason"
time_index = cfg.ban_duration_list in the configuration file for perma ban it will be line 11 so: zw_cmd set_ban steamid64 11 "He ate my yogurt"
steamid64 = The SteamID64 of the account to ban.
To unban: zw_cmd set_unban steamid64
☰ 31. Server command: How to reboot the server map while saving by command?
The server command: changemap, allows you to reboot the server by initializing the saves of the progress of the connected players but also of the objects, vehicles and constructions. After the reboot players can click on continue to continue what they were doing. Depending on the size of the map and the navmesh the reboot can be more or less fast.
☰ 32. Donation Systems: How do I add a VIP rank and credits per Rcon command?
See line 26 and 27.
☰ 33. In-game administration tools: How does the player teleportation system work?
You will have the ability to teleport to a player but also to make them come to you. The return function allows you to send the player back to his pre-teleport position. You can find the teleport button in the Scoreboard or in the F2 menu by right-clicking on the line showing the player's info.
Admin Teleportation
☰ 34. In-game administration tools: How to give money to a player?
Sometimes you will have the possibility to give money to players for an event or to compensate a player for a handling error. To do this click on Give Money from the Scoreboard or from the F2 menu right click on the line showing the player's info.
Admin Give money
☰ 35. In-game administration tools: Send the wiki link in the user's chat when requested
It may happen that a player asks for a lot of information, the only way you can do your job and take care of everyone is to invite him to read the wiki. Even for your own staff. Instead of explaining everything to them send them to read the official wiki. You will save time.
From the Scoreboard or from the F2 menu right click on the line showing the player info.
Share wiki link
☰ 36. In-game administration tools: How to activate the creator mode to use the AdminEye (which is a kind of toolgun of Zworld)?
Click on the Ruby CreatorMod you will hear a noise if your rank allows it. You will be half invisible which allows you to manage and animate the server discreetly. From the Scoreboard or from the F2 menu right click on the line displaying the player's info.
Admin Creator mod
☰ 37. In-game administration tools: How to have AdminEye and Physgun in the weapon selection menu?
Switch to creator mode, the tools are given and you will see them in the weapon selection menu. Once the mode is deactivated the tools are removed from the inventory. This is a security against abuse but also a form of optimization, we do not give anything unnecessary.
☰ 38. In-game administration tools: What is the Undercover and how to activate it?
As a staff you sometimes want to play with the players and blend in. So you can provide a discreet administration or a discreet moderation. This option will hide your steamid64, your image will be randomly generated and your steam name too. In short it means Undercover.
From the Scoreboard or from the F2 menu right click on the line showing the player info.
Admin Undercover mod
☰ 39. In-game administration tools: How to force the player to rename his character when he chooses a not serious RP name?
To invite the player to have a Roleplay name click on Force Rename, after giving a warning.
From the Scoreboard or from the F2 menu right click on the line displaying the player info.
Admin Force Rename
☰ 40. In-game administration tools: How to change a player's Survivor Playermodel?
To invite the player to change their playermodel click on Force Model.
From the Scoreboard or from the F2 menu right click on the line showing the player's info.
Admin Force Playermodel
☰ 41. In-game administration tools: How do I enable Spectator mode?
To watch players act through their eyes while you eat Pop korn. Click on Spectator. A menu will open with everyone's names displayed as a button. Click on the names to switch from one player to another.
From the Scoreboard or from the F2 menu right click on the line showing the player's info.
Admin Spectator Mod
☰ 42. In-game administration tools: How to send a horde of infected on a player?
To liven up the server sometimes you will have to send hordes to players or to yourself for fun. To do this click on Send Horde in the Scroll menu.
From the Scoreboard or from the F2 menu right click on the line of the concerned player.
Admin Send hord function
☰ 43. In-game administration tools: Command to kill a player?
Sometimes you may need to use the kill function for experimental purposes.
From the Scoreboard or from the F2 menu right click on the line showing the player info.
Admin Kill function
☰ 44. F2 administration menu: The management of your Zworld server users.
You can manage users from the scoreboard but also from the F2 admin menu. Once you are on the "Online Player" page, click on the line of the user in question to see all possible actions:
Server player administration menu
☰ 45. F2 administration menu: Database management of the physical and non-physical environment of your map.
On the database page you will have the possibility to Set role, Ban, Give VIP rank, Set Karma, Give Credits, Add to whitelist, Rename account, Edit bank currency, Change IP, Delete line from database.
Admin panel players manager
☰ 46. Admin menu F2: How to change the weather? For example I want to change from day to night and vice versa?
From the F2 interface go to: Server Setting and Server Weather. Go to the Time of Day line and drag the time of day to the time you want.
GMod Weather Panel
☰ 47. F2 Admin Menu: How do I change the seasons?
From the F2 interface go to: Server Setting and Server Weather. Go to the Seasons line and click on the season you want.
GMod Weather Panel
☰ 48. F2 Admin Menu: How to change the map while saving the server status and player progress?
Don't use the changelevel command, it's brutal and the saves won't be made. Use the F2 menu and click on one of the maps in your list.
Change map panel
☰ 49. F2 admin menu: On Zworld there is no spawnmenu in the gmod sandbox. How to spawn items?
From the F2 interface click on the magic hat (spawnmenu) you will have a whole list of categories, when you click on it you will see all the items in the category, for example: Medical will show all the medical items, click on these items and they will appear in front of you. Use it for experimentation purposes but also to compensate or reward your players.
Spawnmenu from the admin panel
☰ 50. F2 Administration Menu: The Zworld Server Cleanup Menu.
From the spawnmenu and Cleanup interface click on the button to cleanup associated items, for example the creature button will remove all creatures from the map.
The categories are: Creatures, Merchands, Humans, Vehicles, Items, Tree, Persistents(These are constructs), Ghost Entity(Entities that are not on the network without physics like grass)
Zworld Smart Cleanup
☰ 51. Admin menu F2: Enable disable player damage?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Options and check the line: Player Damage Active (PvE / PvP)
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 52. Admin menu F2: Disable the ability to use credits from merchants to buy equipment?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Options and check the line: Can use Zcoin in merchands menu.
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 53. Administration menu F2: Enable the possibility to access merchants' stores from the escape menu? This option allows you to buy and sell from anywhere?
Yes, from the Server Settings page go to the line: Options and check the line: Merchands shop Access in escape menu
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 54. Admin menu F2: How to disable the automatic horde system?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Options and check the line: Hord System
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 55. Administration menu F2: How to enable the server whitelist so that only staff and people in the whitelist can connect?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Options and check the line: Access Whitelist
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 56. Administration menu F2: How do I change the name of the gmod server?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Current Server Name write the name of the server you want to display in the Gmod server list and in the scoreboard and press Enter to validate.
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 57. Administration menu F2: How to put the link of a loading screen from the interface? Can it also be a picture link?
Yes you can also just put a picture link. From the Server Settings page go to the line: LoadingScreen Link place your link and press enter to confirm.
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 58. Administration menu F2: How to change the maximum number of zombies on the server and their respawn frequency?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Setting and drag the slider (Zombies Maximum Amount) to the value you want. And the delay between respawns in seconds.
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 59. Admin menu F2: How to force the user to wait a certain time before respawn?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Setting and drag the slider (Player Respawn Time)
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 60. Admin menu F2: How to change the loot rate of the server to have more or less loot?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Setting and drag the slider (Loot Rate) to the value you want.
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 61. Admin Menu F2: How do I change the amount of Npcs that can spawn on the server and the respawn frequency?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Setting and drag the slider (Animals Maximum Amount) to the value you want. And the delay between respawns in seconds.
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 62. Admin menu F2: How to have only slow zombies?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Level of Difficulty and click on "Only Zombies".
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 63. Administration menu F2: How to have only infected on the server.
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Level of Difficulty and click on "Only Infected".
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 64. Administration menu F2: How to have zombies by day and infected by night on GMod?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Level of Difficulty and click on "Afterlight".
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 65. Administration menu F2: How do I force a furniture reloot?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Tools and click on the cabinet "Reloot Funitures".
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 66. Administration menu F2: How to force respawn of cut trees?
From the Server Settings page go to the line: Tools and click on the tree "Tree Regen".
Zworld Panel Server Settings
☰ 67. Administration menu F2: Reboot the server while taking backups of what is in progress.
In the list of maps click on the current one. This will initialize a backup and the server will reboot the map.
Admin Panel Map Switch
☰ 68. Administration menu F2: Why does the server automatically reboot with the maintenance message? How to disable it?
There is a performance problem specific to Gmod where it is better to change the map to solve it every 6h, I have created an option that allows to reboot automatically and choose this delay in hours. 0 = OFF. It is set to 2h by default.
Admin Panel Map Switch
☰ 69. Administration menu F2: How to launch a music on the server with a Youtube video link?
From the F2: Music Event Launcher interface put the link of a Youtube music for example Press Enter and it is launched. Players will be able to turn it off if it's a bother to their bandwidth from their F1 menu.
Youtube music launcher
☰ 70. Where can the player find the rules?
You can find the rules you have edited on the home screen, in the scoreboard and in the F2 menu.
Game Rules panel
☰ 71. Zworld AdminEye (ToolGun): What is the purpose of the Zworld AdminEye and how do I get it?
The AdminEye is Zworld's Toolgun. No entities, no weapons, no models and no effects. Press the Reload key to open on menu.
With this tool you will be able to build the map, place spawns, remove the positioning of entities from the database.
☰ 72. Toolgun: How do I go into remover mode to remove what I'm aiming at with the AdminEye (the toolgun)?
Once you have the toolgun in hand to open the toolgun menu press the reload key.
Admin Remover Tool
☰ 73. Toolgun: How to delete permanent entities with the AdminEye directly on the map and not from the F2 menu? Because when I delete them after a reboot they come back.
Activate the editor mode of the concerned category, the item will be displayed and you can delete it.
Admin Remover Tool
☰ 74. Toolgun: How do I get the AdminEye in hand?
Simply activate the Creator Mod and the AdminEye will be visible from your weapon selection menu.
Select Admineyes Swep
☰ 75. Toolgun: How to build the map with the AdminEye.
Once you have the AdminEye press the reload key to open its menu and select map Build. You will be able to build the game environment with everything you see in it sorted by subcategory.
☰ 76. Toolgun: How do I see the spawn points of each entity on my HUD?
Once you have AdminEye press the reload key to open its menu and select map Build. Click on a subcategory, for example lootables, you will see that the Mod editor is set to OFF by default. To see all the points of all the lootables click on ON. This will have the effect of downloading all the points at once. This allows you to see even those that are far away and those that have a non-networked status.
☰ 77. Toolgun: Why do the vehicle spawn points sometimes have no car in that location after a reboot?
Because the car is in good condition somewhere on the map. Once it is destroyed in the next reboot the destroyed car will disappear and a new one will replace it at its spawn point. Cars are persistent and you will find it in the same state after each reboot as long as it has life points.
☰ 78. Toolgun: What are the markers I can place with the AdminEye?
Markers allow you to display locations on the paper map, and are an item that players can loot in game. Once they look at the map they see all the places of interest on the map. They are also discreetly visible at the top of the HUD which shows the distance in meters between the survivor and the location.
☰ 79. Toolgun: How do I place new spawn points and remove them?
Still in map Build but in the sub-category All Spawns: Activate the Mod editor to have access to the points already placed and to be able to delete them. You will be able to place the initial point, which is the point where the player spawns when he is in the home menu.
☰ 80. Toolgun: What is a Ghost Entity?
Ghost Entity is one of my optimization methods, for everything that is physically useless and that serves as a scenery the entities do not exist on the server only on the client it aims to optimize the server, the bandwidth too and to reduce the number of entity on the server side. The NPCs are positively impacted in terms of optimization because they are objects that do not exist in their field of view, and therefore you make them save a huge number of calculations per second.
☰ 81. Toolgun: Animate and control creatures on the map and send them to a point.
Hey yes, you can select creatures in groups and send them to the point you clicked. This is a more advanced form of animation and the control is unobtrusive.
Admin NPCs Controle
☰ 82. Toolgun: Teleport to where I click.
The teleportation option in the reload menu of the admineye allows you to teleport to where you click. It's an optimized and fast way to travel. Instead of flying through a long map.
Admin Teleportation tool
☰ 83. Toolgun: What is auto click?
The Auto Click option in the AdminEye reload menu allows you to spawn the click by holding down the left mouse button. Useful when you want to spawn several zombies at once.
☰ 84. Toolgun: What is the Mod Client Light?
Sometimes you will have to animate in the dark or build the map in dark areas. The Client Light allows you to create a light only for yourself that others cannot see. This light follows you everywhere. If you disable the Creator Mod the Client Light will automatically turn off.
Admin Light tool
☰ 85. Toolgun: The Invisibility Mod as Admin.
The invisible in the reload menu of the admineye makes you completely invisible, you also disappear from the scoreboard.
Admin Invisibility tool
☰ 86. Toolgun: The ESP Admin.
The ESP Admin option in the reload menu of the admin eye allows you to see the position of players on the server, creatures and other entities in real time.
Zworld Admin ESP
☰ 87. Toolgun: Get a global view of your custom map with a counter
When the editor mode is activated with the admineye you see the entire build of the game environment you have built on your map. This gives you an overview.
admineye see the entire build
☰ 88. Competition: How to access the menu of the players rankings?
There are several buttons that allow you to open it in game, otherwise it will be the F2 Menu, so the F2 key.
☰ 89. Competition: 9 types of TOP 30 player rankings in which players can compete to be in the top?
Players who are not Admins can still open the F2 menu, unlike a member of your staff who will only see the 9 types of rankings and the server rules.
The rankings are as follows:
1. TOP SURVIVAL: Survival time: This is the main ranking and tells you where you are. The position is also visible on the scoreboard.
2. Most zombies killed in one life.
3. The total number of zombies killed since the player has been playing with you.
4. The amount of time you have played: Here the players are ranked by the one who has played the most.
5. The longest distance covered in a single lifetime.
6. TOP Level: The highest level reached
7. TOP PvP: The number of players killed.
8. This is the money stored in the bank.
9. Fishing Ranking: Whoever catches the biggest fish in his category takes the places. There are 9 types of fish so a player can be displayed as many times.
Survival time ranking Panel
☰ 90. Compétition: Comment modifier le TOP 30 pour avoir un TOP 10 ou un TOP 50?
Voir la ligne 7.
☰ 91. F1 User Options Panel: What is the F1 menu?
The F1 menu is a configuration panel on the user's side, the settings are specific to the Zworld system, it allows to increase the comfort of the game like choosing the volume of the background music, configuring the shadows, choosing the type of HUD or disabling it, activating the cliping which allows to reduce the viewing distance for small configurations, etc... The player will just have to press the F1 menu and it will open. If he presses it again the menu option will close automatically. No need to click on crosses to close a window in Zworld.
Zworld Menu Audio F1
All lines in this wiki starting with : User Options Panel F1 - deals with this topic
☰ 92. User Options Panel F1: How to change the volume of background music or even turn off the music?
Menu F1 section Audio Uncheck Automatic Playback to disable music, drag the Volume slider to get the level you want.
Speed modifies the speed of the music.
Zworld Menu Audio F1
☰ 93. User Options Panel F1: I have bad bandwidth how do I disable event music from youtube?
From the F1 menu in Audio you will see the video appear, just delete it.
Zworld Menu Audio F1
☰ 94. F1 User Options Panel: Reduce the grass display distance to optimize fps on gmod.
Grass Display Distance in the F1 menu allows you to configure this distance.
Zworld Menu Graphics
☰ 95. User Options Panel F1: Choose the style of the HUD on Zworld.
There are 4 HUD styles in Zworld. 1 The bars like in the beginning when my project was still called Zmod.
2 and 3 are circular HUD's and the 4th just shows the values in percentages without any superfluous.
You can even disable the HUD in the Show HUD line for an immersive RP mode or for making screenshots.
Zworld Menu Graphics
☰ 96. User Options Panel F1: What is the Comics Books Mod? ON | OFF
This is a Self-Shading Filter.
Zworld Menu Graphics
☰ 97. User Options Panel F1: What is the Foliage Sway used for? ON | OFF
It allows you to activate the movement of the grass and the leaves of the trees.
Zworld Menu Graphics
☰ 98. User Options Panel F1: Show / Hide death messages in chat system.
In the menu F1 Show death in chat category: System. Allows you to be informed about deaths on the server.
Zworld Menu Graphics
☰ 99. User Options Panel F1: What is Dynamics Light in Zworld?
The Dynamics Light in Zworld allows you to have a nice light depending on the time of day, it's the color of the sun that is projected on the map, so at the end of the day the shadows of the map cover the map and the colors are faithful to reality, the color codes are taken from the colors of the pixels on my sunset pictures. It's a 100% client-side system that has no impact on the server, its only limit is the graphic card of the user who wants to activate it. The detailed and dynamic shading is greedy. I'm still thinking about doing better.
Zworld Menu Graphics
☰ 100. User Options panel F1: Optimize FPS with Dynamics Light enabled by reducing shadow quality.
In the F1 menu in the Graphics Shadows Distance section you can reduce the quality and distance of the shadows. By default this value is set to 2.
Zworld Menu Graphics
☰ 101. User Options Panel F1: How do I change the view mode? For example FPS, Thirdperson and Static Camera?
Zworld has 3 camera systems, FPS mode, 3rd person view and Static mode a la Resident Evil or Silent Hill. These are my references.
Zworld Menu F1
☰ 102. User Options Panel F1: Customize the position of the Static Camera to make screenshots?
When the camera is in static mode more options are displayed in the Camera menu. These are variables that allow you to move the angle of view and position.
Zworld Menu F1
☰ 103. Preset map system and save your map build.
A system of map presets has been created since version 2.0 of Zworld (March 2023)

Map presets are installed in: zworld/gamemode/addons/map_preset

The file has the name of the map and the extension .lua or .txt

To generate them you just have to type the command: build_map_preset

The command: build_map_preset will launch the creation of a template of the configuration of the map you have built, this will allow you for example to share your build or to migrate your build on another server without starting over.

It also gives you a backup that you can store elsewhere.

Presets are generated in the file, for example if you are on the rp_southside_day map: data/zworld_map_preset/rp_southside_day.txt

You could take the rp_southside_day.txt file from the data/zworld_map_preset file and rename it to rp_southside_day.lua then upload it to the gamemode addon folder:


In the F2 (Admin) menu at the top right you can load the preset of the map in question. The content will then be saved in the database which you can then manipulate as you wish with the management tools.
☰ 104. Server command: How can I integrate zcoins into my donation system?
Your donation system should be able to send a command to your server.

You will be able to experiment manually in your server console with this command to allocate Zcoins to an existing account:

If you want give 5 zcoins to 76561198033784269:

zw_cmd give_zcoin "76561198033784269" 5
☰ 105. How to disable boss spawn (ChainSaw)
In the configuration file, find the variable: cfg.boss_spawn and set it to 0.
1 = ON by default, 0 = OFF.

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