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Gmod Store Builder - Script

Demonstration Youtube video of Gmod Store Builder

You want to build a vending machine? It is possible! A merchant NPC and choose his model and posture? It is possible! Write what you want it to say and the answers it expects that the user will select to see the store or leave. Its possible!

Gmod Store Builder is a complete Gmod addon, which will allow you to build stores everywere, quickly and easily. Configure several blinds all different from each other in game with it.
It also contains a currency system allowing it to work with DarkRP or without DarkRP installed or any Gamemode. A wallet system has been added in version 2.3 allowing users to drop their money by choosing the amount themselves. Since version 3.3 (May 2023) it also buys what you put in front of it. Before it only sold in one direction.

Dialogue with the npcs Gmod Build Mod add-item-scripted-in-the-store set-the-price-of-items set-the-price-in-money set-cost-in-pointshop customise-the-merchant-npc edit-the-messages-of-the-shop what-can-be-edited persistence-management what-see-your-users example-darkrp-pokemon another-example gmod-spawn-menu Wallet System to give and drop money compatible DarkRP buy-back-option sll-your-stuff

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Description of Gmod Store Builder

πŸ”Ž Presentation

Are you looking for a Store addon for Gmod? And that can work with DarkRP gamemode and that can also work without any gamemode? With great customization possibilities? To be able to make several store on the same server? Then "Gmod Store Builder" is for you.

Since version 2.7 it is possible to block access to a store to a user who is below the required level. You can choose a different access level for each store.

Since version 3.3 (May 2023) it also buys what you put in front of it. Before it only sold in one direction.

A wallet system has been added in version 2.3 that allows the user to drop his money on the floor by choosing the amount.
It also allows him to give money to a user in front of him without dropping the money, more secure when there are people and more optimized since the server does not have to spawner the money.
The wallet also allows you to choose if you want the money to be displayed on the HUD or only in the wallet, which makes the interface lighter, since the more information you display in the wallet, the more likely it is that it will impact the fps.

Reinforce the depth of your server's background with NPCs who will have interesting things to say in addition to offering a blind that you will have completely customized from A to Z.

This addon is intended for your GMod server, it allows you to place merchants everywhere on your map and in all the postures that the model will allow, for example, lying down, sitting on a chair, you can as well replace the model of a NPC by any other that fits your universe, there is no obligation that it is a model of NPCs, for example a drink dispenser.

How it works on the user side. Your user sees a merchant and presses USE to interact with him, then the merchant will say a phrase that you will have configured from a nice simple and intuitive interface. This will help to give a personality to your merchants.
The merchant will then wait for a response that will display the contents of the store or another to simply pass by.
The answers that the player will have as choices will also be something that you will have created. For those who don't want this little message system found in RPGs, putting an empty field in the text will remove this type of interaction and go directly to the store when the user presses the used key.

Numerous customization options for each blind can make them unique. Both aesthetically and in content. The prices will be your prices. Forget the shop of DarkRP or not, since the different store generated with "Gmod Store Builder" can work independently of the rest, even without gamemode installed, the difference is that the store will be editable in game directly and you can also make hidden stores that the user will have to find and why not use the NPCs to make them say clues that will reveal secrets on your server.

πŸ“Œ Customization options for each store to make them unique from the merchant entity interface.

First take a look at the many screenshots above.

  1. Customize the interaction messages between merchant and user
  2. Customize the store name when the store is deployed
  3. Customize the merchant's roleplay name
  4. Customize the avatar of the merchant, it will be either the 3D model or an image link for example (IMGUR)
  5. Customize the background, either you leave the original interface or you put a background image via an image url
  6. Customize the 3D model of the merchant entity
  7. Customize the posture of the walker, a button allows to generate the list of each posture in the console
  8. Customize the store, items must be spawnable entities and not props
  9. Award DarkRP money for each item offered for sale
  10. Award prizes in Shop points or Credits for items placed in the store
  11. Customize the possibility to make an item free for example if you want to stuff newcomers or during events instead of spawning material, optimize the server by placing just one merchant in each camp each player will take what they need without having an item lying around on the ground.

πŸ•ΉοΈ The Console Commands

To make the system compatible with the donation system or simply to administer, I have created console commands that will allow you to add paid content such as credits for example.

The chat command to open the wallet: !wallet (since version 2.3 2021)
The console command to open the wallet: wallet (since version 2.3 2021)

The command to give money "DarkRP money" is : give_money steamid64 quantitΓ©
The command to give credits is : give_coins steamid64 quantitΓ©

- Example 1: a user has bought money ($1,000 for DarkRP, for example) on your site, the order will be :
give_money 76561198033784269 1000

- Example 2 a user bought in your store on your site 500C Coins, the order will be :
give_coins 76561198033784269 500

πŸ’Ύ Backup and persistence

Without any tools, activate, save your changes to find your merchants at their positions after a cleanup or an accidental deletion or after a simple reboot. Configure once and let it live, the merchants you have configured will be able to add a little something to your Gmod server that will not require your presence to add animation to your server.

βš™οΈ From the Configuration file

cfg.Merchand_System_notification : Allows you to notify your users of the presence of merchants on your server so that they can stay and discover the depth of gameplay of your server.
cfg.Spawnable et cfg.AdminSpawnable : Allows you to make money and credits Spawnable in the spawnmenu of Garry's Mod.
cfg.Money_Model : Allows you to define the model of the money.
cfg.Credit_Model : Allows you to set the model of the Points Shop currency.
cfg.Use_DarkRPVar : If DarkRP is installed the system will use DarkRP variables. By choice you can choose not to use the DarkRP variables to use the alternative variables of the blind system. In other words, if DarkRP does not exist, the system will switch to its alternative. So you don't need to have DarkRP installed to have a currency and shop system since it can work independently and without any gamemode.
cfg.Draw_Money_HUD : Allows you to display your money or Money DarkRP on the interface.
cfg.Money_Id : If you have customized your DarkRP and the money variable has been modified by another variable then you can indicate it here.
cfg.Credit_Id : If you have customized your DarkRP and the pointshop or credit variable has been modified by another one then you can indicate it here.
cfg.Moneys_Type : Here you can change the name of the currencies on your server, replace the symbol for example $ by €, and indicate the material of the icons.
cfg.sound : Will allow you to customize the sounds of the Store menu.
cfg.cfg.item_names : Allows to customize the name of the objects in the store from the class name of the entity.
cfg.Default_Lang : Will allow you to choose the default language of the system. If your server is English and you want the majority of players to speak English, set English as the default language.

βœ”οΈ Compatibility

Compatible with DarkRP, StarwarsRP, HogwartsRP Gamemode.
For those who want to optimize their Gmod Server and don't want to run on DarkRP the system will continue to work without DarkRP or any gamemode.

πŸ› οΈ System Admin Gmod compatible

If you don't have a donation system up and running or dont want use the commands, Garry's Mod Admin Mod will allow you to donate credits to players manually and money to your server directly from the player list.

The different ways to make money on GMod or Credits.

1. If you want to make sure that when you players kill Npcs on your Gmod server you can create a loot inventory with a drop chance rate with : NPC Death Loot Manager Place the money in the loot generation inventory of a class and that's it. When the NPC dies the player will make money. It's best to make Credits a purchasable currency from your shop so you can fund your Gmod server.
2. Create Events on your Garry's Mod server and distribute them to your event winners.
3. Via the DarkRP pay system if you have a DarkRP installed.
4. By reselling looted items with addons provided for this purpose.

πŸ”Ή WIKI & F.A.Q πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Wiki πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Wiki πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Wiki of Gmod Store Builder

Gmod Store Builder

☰ 1. Installation of Gmod Store Builder
Installation: Download and Unzip the folder nordahl_store_builder.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,
Path: garrysmod/addons/nordahl_store_builder
☰ 2. Where can I find resources and materials? What is the Gmod Store Builder Workshop id?
Vous trouverez les ressources dans le workshop de Garry's Mod sur Steam. - Gmod Workshop ID of Gmod Store Builder: 2625689824
- The AddWorkshop function is automatically added to the script server file and can be deactivated from the configuration file. : resource.AddWorkshop( 2625689824 )
- To add gmod workshop resources to your collection : Gmod Store Builder [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop
☰ 3. How to spawn a Store in a Gmod server?
From the spawn menu in the entity category, search for "Norda Shop Builder".

Norda Shop Builder Gmod spawnmenu

Click on the store icon, then it will appear in front of you.
☰ 4. How do I access the Store control panel to edit it?
In front of the merchant press USE to talk to him, click on the small wheel in the upper right corner of the interface. And "Switch to Admin Mode".

Switch to admin mod
☰ 5. How to enable persistence and save the store?
The "Persistence" button in the corner of the interface should be checked, click on it to activate and save.
Only stores with persistence enabled will be saved.
Your server can be rebooted and then you will find your blinds at their position.
Activate peristence and save
☰ 6. I would like the currency to be displayed on the Gmod HUD
In the configuration file applied the value 1
cfg.Draw_Money_HUD = 1

If you have DarkRP installed and prefer to use the DarkRP HUD then you can set 0.

And reboot your Gmod server.
☰ 7. How to change the prices of items in the store? (Payable money by system of donations or simpel money dropable in game)
Then click on the object and a choice will be displayed between the types of currency you wish to apply.
Knowing that -1 (Default) means: Not buyable with this currency.
0 means that the object is free.
A value greater than zero means the price of the object.
Set price of product
☰ 8. How to add items to the Gmod store?
Spawning an item near the merchant and clicking on Items Detection to insert it. It will then appear in the menu. Without any price set up.
Add item in Store Builder
☰ 9. How to change the text, and the user's choice of answer?
Once on the interface, scroll down on the left side to scroll through the options. Go to "merchandize Text"
And insert the text you want it to say to the players on your server.

Set Dialogue Gmod Store Builder
☰ 10. How to add a background image to the Store?
In URL Background of the interface you will find the link of the IMGUR image and press enter. Don't forget to save and set as persistent.

Set Background image of Store
☰ 11. How to replace the 3D avatar of the Npc by an image avatar?
With an image link for example this one Set Store Avatar NPC

at the line Merchant Avatar insert and press Enter to validate.

Set Store Avatar NPC

Ce qui nous donnera :

Demo Store Avatar NPC
☰ 12. How to change the title of the Store?
The title of the store will be displayed in the store when the user talks to the merchant.
From the interface go to the line "Name of this store". And press "Enter" key to confirm.
Set Store Name of the NPC
☰ 13. How to change the Roleplay name of Npcs running on Gmod?
From the interface go to the line RolePlay Name. And press the "Enter" key to confirm.
Set RP Name of Store NPC
☰ 14. How to change the posture of Npc Store?
To see the list of postures click on the button (i) below, the list of postures will then be displayed in your Gmod console.

Insert then the number of the index of the list of the postures that the model can play. And press the "Enter" key the line becomes green when it is applied.
Set posture of Merchant NPC
☰ 15. How do I change the Merchant Model?
Insert the model and press the "Enter" key, the line turns green when applied.
Set Model of merchands
☰ 16. Does it save players money when the server is without DarkRP installed?
Uses its own database. Players get their money back when they log in and come back to play on your server. Even without DarkRP installed.

If DarkRP is not installed, the following variables have been rewritten to allow scripts that depend on it to run anyway.






☰ 17. How to make users lose a percentage of their currency when they die? (Gmod, DarkRP and others gamemodes)
Find the variable Money_Lost_when_die in the configuration file: The number indicates that the user loses a percentage of the money he has in his inventory. The default is 50%.

In the configuration file :
cfg.Money_Lost_when_die=50 -- 50% is the amount of money lost when the user dies. 0 = OFF
☰ 18. How to choose your money system between DarkRP and another one?
In the configuration file

/* ----- MONEY SYSTEM -----
0 = if you want to use "Norda Gmod Money System" as money system, can be found here : Norda Gmod Money System
1 = if you want to use the "DarkRP currency system" (You must have DarkRP installed otherwise Lua error guaranteed)
2 = Use the "Gmod Store Builder" currency system (Default)

cfg.Money_System = 2
☰ 19. Restrict access to one of the in-game stores according to the user's level
Since version 2.7 it is possible to block access to a store to a user who is below the required level. You can choose a different access level for each store.

To do this, open the panel of a store and insert the level you need to access the store. And save.
☰ 20. How to set the resale price of an item that the NPC will buy back?
How to set the resale price of an item that the NPC will buy back?
In the same way as you set the price of an item. Since version 3.3 there is a new option named Resale. Set the price. It will be set to $0 by default.
Set a resale price for items
☰ 21. How to sell an item on Gmod with Gmod Store Builder?
Place your items in front of the merchant. He will buy back what he offers for sale.
☰ 22. How to disable the redemption of an item?
Set the buyback price in the management interface to 0$. This will disable the buyback option of the item. By default it is already on 0$ when you add an item in the store.
Set a resale price for items
☰ 23. How to make sure that some NPC merchants can only sell and others only buy?
This is only possible as of version 3.5 (May 2023).
To do this, add an empty field in the text configuration area to disable the choice line in the dialog in the merchant control panel. This is also indicated from the line title in the store settings interface.

Tip to avoid the leak of Gmod Store Builder installed on your Garry's Mod server: How avoid the Leak of your Gmod scripts
How Install an addon on Gmod? : How install an addon on Gmod
How Publish an addon on the Gmod workshop? : Documentation how create a content pack to publish on the workshop?

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