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Gmod Deathscreen Customisable - Script

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No more standardized deathscreens that you can find everywhere. GMOD DEATHSCREEN CUSTOMISABLE allows you to make a nice Deathscreen in real time on a clean, simple and clear interface! Imagine it and do it without any Lua or Glua skills. With this tool you will be able to do whatever you imagine, play music or sound at the moment of the player's death, force a waiting time before respawn, be in accordance with the theme of your project even in your Deathscreen by customizing it totally.

deathscreen-edit-position-element edit-death-message deathscreen-gmod-editable deathscreen-set-time-of-respawn deathscreen-set-time-of-spawn imagine-your-deathscreen-and-do customise-the-color deathscreen-set-death-music-or-effect deathscreen-opaque-without-image deathscreen-edit-background-image-url deathscreen-edit-the-message

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Description of Gmod Deathscreen Customisable

πŸš€ Presentation

You asked me for a Deathscreen, here it is! Looking for a deathscreen that is both a useful and intuitive tool? Give your players a death that matches your project and finally an interface they have never seen elsewhere, no more standardized deathscreens.

Gmod Deathscreen Customisable (or Deadmenu) is a nice menu that appears when your players die in game on your Gmod server, it is customizable in real time and entirely, I thought it to allow you to make your deathmenu as you imagined it, the customization possibilities are complete and provide the necessary resources to allow you to create a Deathscreen that looks like no other, just like a project should have its own identity offer a unique visual stewardship to your players.

Change the aesthetic whenever you want, without changing scripts, without buying a new Deathscreen. And without rebooting your GMod servers. If one day a background image seems to fit better to your theme, publish it for example on IMGUR and copy the link of the image (containing the extension .jpg or .png) in "Change the background image and magic! Done."

How does it work on the player side? In game when the player dies the Deathscreen is displayed, he sees a nice little progress bar that tells him the time he has left before he can respawn that you set the duration yourself, the spawn buttons appear and the player can click to respawn or get up at the position where he died. You can set the time in seconds that the player has to wait before he can respawn or stand up and also disable it. The time can be shorter for VIP or donor members if you wish.

Some usefull pre-configuration
I have preconfigured buttons in the config file which allows you to add and remove buttons by default.
A button that allows you to respawn where you died for example or a return to the home screen of your server.

How does it work in game to customize the Deathscreen?
When the admin wants to configure the Deathscreen, he doesn't have to die to do it, he can enter the command in his console: "deathscreen_edit" that I will indicate in the wiki, the Deathscreen is displayed, ready to be edited click on the palette in the upper right and all its options are available to you.

Configure the colors which correspond to the atmosphere of your universe, modify the death message, move the elements, the background image, the background banner which is behind the death message, the waiting time in seconds before being able to respawn.

It is compatible with all Gmod gamemodes and DarkRP. (StarwarsRP, HogwartsRP, MangaRP, HaloRP, SchoolRP, MilitaryRP, StalkerRP, ZombieRP, ect).

Don't worry the system is translated into 5 languages, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish. Feel free to suggest other languages.

πŸ“¦ NLR - New Life Rule

Force the waiting time of a player in the Deathscreen by customizing the respawn time in seconds, you can disable it by setting it to 0 seconds, so the player doesn't have to wait to respawn, or set it to a time that offers a break to the player who has just died, or set it to a more consequent time that allows to respawn the NLR in an automatic way, no more anti NLR warnings on your Roleplay servers.

🎨 What is customizable in the Deathscreen?

- Customize the colors of your theme in your Deathscreen.
- Customize the death message: this is the message you want to display on the deathscreen for example: "YOU ARE DEAD" or "GAME OVER" you adapt according to your project.
- Change the position of each element: It is added the X Y position of each element. Play with the sliders to adapt the position of the elements according to your image, or as you imagine it.
- Change or remove music or sound effect : When the Deathscreen is displayed you can launch a music or a sound effect (on my gamemode for example I put heartbeats). The music is cut cleanly in fading when the Deathscreen is closed at the time of the Respawn of the player.
- Modify the background image : You can put one as you can not put one.
- You can also customize the buttons and also rename them, for example, to make a respawn, replace the text by "Continue", or add buttons like a back to home screen button if you have one installed (which will also be one of my next scripts). Or leave only one button.

πŸ“Œ About the choices for optimization

On the performance side, all this is without any consequence on the performance of your Gmod server. The system doesn't need loops to work and is minimalist, so you save resources for other much heavier scripts. On the network side, the connected players only receive the information if you make changes. The players who connect receive the resources only once. If you want to push the vice of optimization, it is possible to copy your configuration in the configuration file manually and disable the server side code when you are done in a single variable in the configuration file by putting a 0 to the variable cfg.enable_update_serverside_to_clientside=1.

The background images are downloaded only once thanks to my caching system which makes the image download only once.

πŸ“Œ The commands

The controls are also integrated as buttons in the panel.

  1. Reset server-side settings: nord_deathscreen_color_reset
  2. Reset client-side settings: nord_deathscreen_color_reset_clientside
  3. As an admin Customize the Deathscreen of your server with the command : deathscreen_edit

πŸ’Ύ Persistance

Everything you add or delete is stored in real time in a system that is independent of all other systems to ensure compatibility.

πŸš€ Installation

Install the script nordahl_deathscreen_customisable in the addons file of your Gmod server: Steam / steamapps / common / GarrysMod / garrysmod / addons /

πŸ“Œ Configuration

You can find the configuration file here: nordahl_deathscreen_customisable / lua / autorun / nordahl_deathscreen_config.lua
From the configuration file it is possible to change the font, the buffers, the translations and also to select a basic preset. Please refer to the script wiki for more details.

βœ… Compatibility with Admin Systems

Compatible with ULX, SAM admin, SERVEURGUARD, FADMIN, even without.

βœ… For all Gamemodes

Compatible with all gamemodes on Garry's Mod : DarkRP, StarwarsRP, HogwartsRP, CityRP, gtaRP, AnimRP, MangaRP, ScoolRP, CloneRP, CloneRP, HaloRP, HarryPotterRP, PoudlardRP, MedievalRP, StalkerRP, ZombieRP, Sandbox, TTT, mod.

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πŸ”Ή WIKI & F.A.Q πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Wiki πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Wiki πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Wiki of Gmod Deathscreen Customisable

Gmod Deathscreen Customisable

☰ 1. Installation of Gmod Deathscreen Customisable
Installation: Download and Unzip the folder nordahl_deathscreen_customisable.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,
Path: garrysmod/addons/nordahl_deathscreen_customisable
☰ 2. Where can I find resources and materials? What is the Gmod Deathscreen Customisable Workshop id?
Vous trouverez les ressources dans le workshop de Garry's Mod sur Steam. - Gmod Workshop ID of Gmod Deathscreen Customisable: 2453427722
- The AddWorkshop function is automatically added to the script server file and can be deactivated from the configuration file. : resource.AddWorkshop( 2453427722 )
- To add gmod workshop resources to your collection : Gmod Deathscreen Customisable [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop
☰ 3. How do I open the Deathscreen for editing?
To open the deathscreen as an admin use the command: deathscreen_edit

Click on the palette on the top right to start editing the deathscreen.

Set VIP Respawn time deathscreen
☰ 4. How do I add music when the Deathscreen is displayed?
In the configuration file, delete the lines you are not interested in.

Original :


In our example you want only the "Continue" button to appear,

So :

☰ 5. How to change the background image?
Here is the link from imgur : https://imgur.com/upload
Simply drag your image inside, wait for the upload and retrieve the image link by right-clicking on the image. Be careful, the link of the image is not the same as the link of the page.

So when you have copied the link of the image you must have an extension at the end: .jpg .jpeg .png

Set background image deathscreen
☰ 6. How to customize the colors of the deathscreen ?
Click on the palette at the top right and select "Change colors" the customization interface appears as follows:

Color elements deathscreen
☰ 7. How to move the elements
Click on the palette at the top right and select "Modify the position of the elements" the customization interface appears as follows:

Color elements deathscreen
☰ 8. How to modify the "You are dead" message?
Click on the palette at the top right and select "Modify the position of the elements" the customization interface appears as follows:

Modify position elements deathscreen
☰ 9. What is the difference between the Respawn button? and Wake Up?
Respawn = The player will reappear at a spawn on the map.
Wake Up = The player will reappear where he died.
☰ 10. How do I add and remove buttons?
In the configuration file, delete the lines you are not interested in.

Original :


In our example you want only the "Continue" button to appear,

So :

☰ 11. How do I disable the Killer display when I am killed by a player?
In the configuration file :

☰ 12. List of commands
Reset server side settings: nord_deathscreen_color_reset
Reset client side settings: nord_deathscreen_color_reset_clientside

As admin Customize the deathscreen of your server with the command: deathscreen_edit
☰ 13. How do I change the Respawn delay by example more short for VIP?
Click on the palette on the top right and select "Set Respawn Time" the customization interface appears as follows:

You will be able to set the respawn time for players and also for your VIP (or Donor) members

To disable it set the time to 0 seconds.

Set Respawn time after death
☰ 14. How do I change the font?
In the configuration file replace Trebuchet24 by your font:

☰ 15. What are the presets and how to modify them?
In the configuration file find the variable skin_preset and assign the number you want :


/*########## Preset ##########
0 = Starwars base create by Norda
1 = Hogwarts base create by Norda
2 = Manga RP base create by Norda
3 = HalloRP RP base create by Norda
4 = MilitaryRP base create by Norda
5 = MedievalRP base create by Norda
☰ 16. How to disable player suicide on the Gmod server with the kill or explode command?
In the configuration file :

cfg.disable_suicide=0 -- if = 1 then Players can not use suicide command : kill or explode , 0 = to allow player use the command : kill and explode
☰ 17. How to configure VIP ranks for shorter respawn times on the Gmod server?
Dans le fichier de configuration, ajoutez les rangs dont vous avez besoin :

☰ 18. How to disable the WakeUp button?
In the Find configuration file :


And remove the line: id="wakeup"
That is:
☰ 19. How can I make the death screen close automatically when a player is resurrected?
Sometimes you'll need the menu to close automatically when you're using an external means of resuscitating a player, such as a defibrillator.
Set cfg.DScreenDeletionOnResuscitation to 1 in the config file to close the menu automatically.

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