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DarkRP F4 Customizable menu - Script

Demonstration Youtube video of DarkRP F4 Customizable menu

DarkRP F4 menu is a system to choose a job while staying informed about the important points of the job (Salary, Information, List of commands), editable in real time, without the need to restart your server. This allows you to easily modify the interface and increase the visibility of your important links and also the statistics on your servers.

example-starwars-rp example-hogwarts-rp example-halo-rp example-starwars-rp what-is-customizable easy-to-edit-default-skin you-can-edit-the-size fullscreen customise-the-banner edit-the-title-of-f4-menu home-f4-menu-presentation job-list-f4-presentation job-selection-with-altmodel-f4-menu economy-f4-menu shop-f4-menu commands-list-f4-menu top-players-connected-f4-menu custom-website-link-f4-menu custom-donate-link-f4-menu custom-discord-link-f4-menu custom-steam-group-link-f4-menu language-selection-f4-menu add-background-image change-characters-from-f4-menu

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Description of DarkRP F4 Customizable menu

๐Ÿš€ Presentation of DarkRP F4 Menu customizable

This F4 Menu is customizable in real time, it is designed for the different DarkRP (StarwarsRP, HogwartsRP, MangaRP, HaloRP, SchoolRP, MilitaryRP, StalkerRP , ect), like any F4 menu in DarkRP databases it allows users to change jobs, to have a view on the statistics, to view the job description to immerse themselves in the role and its history. They can access the shop that can be disabled in the configuration file, a customizable, fast commands shortcut system that can be used as a shortcut or reminder of what is possible to do on your server, all is filterable with an integrated search system, it includes a statistics system, configure the colors, title, banner image, color code that matches your project to the atmosphere of your DarkRP.

Since version 2.0 you don't need to publish your images on the workshop anymore, a simple link of an image published on imgur for example is enough, insert the link of image press enter and its done, the system doesn't use the content put on the workshop anymore which could cause pink and black textures when your manipulation was wrong in your F4 menu.

I filmed myself modifying a skin while trying to make themes. Some videos about the edition : StarwarsRP Skins F4 Menu or HogwartsRP ( Poudlard ) Skins F4 Menu

For performance, the user downloads the skin only once at his first connection. It is possible to disable the server side code and just customize the skin from the client side configuration file by copying the configuration made from the interface, so copy/paste the custom skin in the configuration file by clicking on a simple button.

๐Ÿ“ฆ Features

-Efficient and optimized customization system.
-Configures the Background images and the banners with a simple URL of image, (Not the workshop).
-System customization include in the panel and from the configuration file.
-Clean job descriptions when a day selects one.
-Statistics on DarkRP.
-Craft counter.
-Top connected players.
-Shortcut system for transforming commands into clickable buttons,w ith filterable visibility, per job and ulx ranking.
-Shortcut to open a support ticket on your server.
-Translated into several languages automatically: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish.

๐ŸŽจ What is customizable?

-Edit the RGBA color codes of the different parts of the interface, panels, button, external border, internal window border.
-Edit in a dynamic way the background and the banner image in the F4 menu with a simple url of image.
-Edit the addition of buttons with clickable links: Your Website, Your Discord Link, Your Steam Group, Donation Page or Shop.
-Edit the size of the interface: Height, Width.
-Edit the title in the header of the interface.
-Edit the sound type when opening, closing the menu and when clicking on a button.
-Choose whether the F4 menu opens in fullscreen or according to your chosen size.

๐Ÿ“Œ Important points

Ability to disable server-side upgrade to only use client-side configuration from the configuration file.
Optimised method, which reduces the weight of the script to 85kb. Unlike the other F4 menu which weighs in at 850kb.

๐Ÿ“Œ The console commands

-Reset server-side settings: nord_f4_color_reset.
-Reset client-side settings: nord_f4_color_reset_clientside.

๐Ÿ‘‘ Admin

-Automatic Backup.
-Access to the customization menu is only by the rank you saved in the configuration file, by default to admins and superadmins. If you don't have an admin system you can always add your SteamID in the config file.

๐Ÿ’พ Persistence

-Everything you add or remove is saved in real time in a system independent of all other systems to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

๐Ÿš€ Installation

-Install the script in the / Steam / steamapps / common/ GarrysMod / garrysmod / addons file of your Gmod server, you will be able to use it by pressing the F4 button after a reboot.
-No DRM so no need to activate to use.

๐Ÿ“Œ Configuration

You will find the configuration file at this location: nordahl_f4_menu / lua / autorun / nordahl_f4_config.lua

โœ… Compatibility


Compatible with all DarkRP Mods, StarwarsRP, HogwartsRP, CityRP, gtaRP, AnimRP, MangaRP, ScoolRP, CloneRP, CloneRP, HaloRP, HarryPotterRP, PoudlardRP, MedievalRP, StalkerRP.

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๐Ÿ”น WIKI & F.A.Q ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง
Wiki ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Wiki ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท

Wiki of DarkRP F4 Customizable menu

DarkRP F4 Customizable menu

โ˜ฐ 1. Installation of DarkRP F4 Customizable menu
Installation: Download and Unzip the folder nordahl_f4_menu.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,
Path: garrysmod/addons/nordahl_f4_menu
โ˜ฐ 2. Where can I find resources and materials? What is the DarkRP F4 Customizable menu Workshop id?
Vous trouverez les ressources dans le workshop de Garry's Mod sur Steam. - Gmod Workshop ID of DarkRP F4 Customizable menu: 2453425439
- The AddWorkshop function is automatically added to the script server file and can be deactivated from the configuration file. : resource.AddWorkshop( 2453425439 )
- To add gmod workshop resources to your collection : DarkRP F4 Customizable menu [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop
โ˜ฐ 3. Is it possible to keep the modification and disable the network update?
Yes, by copying the source code of your modification and pasting it into the configuration file.

Then replace the variable nordahl_cfg_3906.skin

Set Color DarkRP F4
โ˜ฐ 4. How do I disable the server-side script?
In the configuration file of the addons set to 0 the variable nordahl_cfg_3906.enable_update_serverside_to_clientside
enable_update_serverside_to_clientside = 0
โ˜ฐ 5. How to customize the background image?
In the customization menu select: Admin: Background Image
Indicate the link of your image. To get it go to imgur, right click on the image, copy the link of the image.

customize background image DarkRP F4

Only admins will be able to change the background image of the F4 menu of your server. You can restrict the ranks in the configuration file.

If you have an image with a wrong texture pink and black it means that you have copied the link of the page and not the link of the image, you can make the difference by seeing the extension jpg or png at the end of the link. Since version 2.0 you don't need to store the image on your server, nor in your workshop collection.
โ˜ฐ 6. Why some pre-configured commands don't work?
If you have customized some of the original commands, make sure you change them in the configuration file. The default commands are there as a suggestion, these are the most used commands, if the command in question doesn't work even when my script is uninstalled it means that your DarkRP doesn't know this command originally and so my F4 menu sends the command correctly but it is not linked to any existing functionality.
โ˜ฐ 7. How do I add new commands?
In the configuration file : nordahl_f4_menu/lua/autorun/nordahl_f4_config.lua

Find the table : darkrp_commands_list

You can specify in the type variable of the command to add if it is a chat command, console command, function. You will find several pre-recorded examples to inspire you.

Example :
	{	title="General",

{type="function",name="Example 1",func=function()nordahl_cfg_3906.ChatMsg("This is a simple example can be edited in the config file")end},
{type="command",name="Drop money",desc="How much money would you like to drop?",cmd="say",arg1="/dropmoney"},
{type="command",name="Change RP Name",desc="Enter the RP Name you would like to have.",cmd="say",arg1="/rpname"},
{type="chat",name="Drop held weapon",arg="/drop"},
{type="ply_selection",name="Start demotion vote",desc="Enter a reason to demote",cmd="say",arg1="/demote"},
{type="chat",name="Sell all doors",arg="/unownalldoors"},
{type="chat",name="Request gun license",arg="/requestlicense"},
โ˜ฐ 8. How to hide unnecessary commands for others based on Jobs?
In the configuration file of your Gmod server : nordahl_f4_menu/lua/autorun/nordahl_f4_config.lua

Find the table : darkrp_commands_list
Find the command group and add : job_access={["Mayor"]=1}
To add several jobs simply separate them with a comma, for example : job_access={["Mayor"]=1,["YourJob"]=1}
There's no limit.

Example for the Mayor's command list to be displayed only for the Mayors, (this avoids unnecessary command pollution of the interface for all the other users who are not in the Mayor group) :
	{	title="Mayor Commands",

{type="command",name="Start a lottery",desc="How much money should entering the lottery cost?",cmd="say",arg1="/lottery"},
{type="chat",name="Initiate lockdown",arg="/lockdown"},
{type="chat",name="End lockdown",arg="/unlockdown"},
{type="command",name="Introduce new law",desc="What law would you like to introduce?",cmd="say",arg1="/addlaw"},

This example is already provided in the configuration file, you can modify it or use it as inspiration to add your own commands.
โ˜ฐ 9. How to hide unnecessary commands for others based on their ULX rank?
In the configuration file of your Gmod server : nordahl_f4_menu/lua/autorun/nordahl_f4_config.lua

Find the table : darkrp_commands_list
Find or Create the group of commands you want to restrict and hide and add : group_access={["superadmin"]=1}
To add several ULX rows simply separate them with a comma, e.g : group_access={["superadmin"]=1,["admin"]=1}

Example for the superadmin command list to be displayed only for superadmin, this avoids unnecessary command pollution of the interface for all other users who are not the ulx superadmin rank:

	{	title="- Superadmin Commands -",

{type="command",name="Example 1",cmd="say",desc="Only Superadmin can see it in this example, you can edit in the config file"},

This example is already provided in the configuration file, you can modify it or use it as inspiration to add your own commands.
โ˜ฐ 10. Turning off or changing button sound effects
In the configuration file of your Gmod server : nordahl_f4_menu/lua/autorun/nordahl_f4_config.lua

Find the table : nordahl_cfg_3906.sound


โ˜ฐ 11. How do I enable or disable background blurring?
In the configuration file of your Gmod server : nordahl_f4_menu/lua/autorun/nordahl_f4_config.lua

Find the variable : enable_BackgroundBlur

nordahl_cfg_3906.enable_BackgroundBlur=0 --Enabled= 1 / Disabled= 0
โ˜ฐ 12. How do I remove a link button?
The link button is the area at the bottom left where when you click on it, it opens the link you configured from the panel or the configuration file.

By default I have left my links there to serve as an example.

For example, to delete the Donate button, just insert an empty value in the field. Then the button will disappear until you set up a link. Just keep in mind that for a button without a link, it has no use so you don't need to display it.
โ˜ฐ 13. Gmod Pink and black textured background image problem
This problem does not exist anymore since version 2.0, the system does not use the content put on the workshop to display background images and modify them dynamically. A simple link of an image is enough. So what is below is now useless, I leave it for those using a version lower than 2.0

If you have an image with an erroneous pink and black texture it means that the image is not in the location you have selected or the image does not exist on the client side so think about making it accessible to your users.

To share your textures there are two methods.
  1. Either via your Fastdl
  2. Either by including the content in your workshop package.

I have created a documentation on how to publish workshop content here : Wiki/En/Publish an addon on the Gmod workshop

This works best when the content exists on your customer's hard drive. ๐Ÿ˜‰
โ˜ฐ 14. Where to upload the material?
To get your background image link, upload your image (material) to imgur.com/upload

You drag the image, once sent right click on the image > copy image link.

Please note that the image link is not the link to the page. The image link must end in .png or .jpg
โ˜ฐ 15. Why is the banner distorted or pixelated? What is the resolution of the banner?
This problem comes from the wrong resolution, by default before uploading on the image host your banner must have this resolution: 162 x 76
โ˜ฐ 16. How to customize fonts in the F4 Menu? (Possible since version 2.7)
In the configuration file find the variable: cfg.custom_fonts = "Trebuchet24"

Replace Trebuchet24 with the name of your font.
โ˜ฐ 17. How to change the key to open the F4 menu, between F1, F2, F3?
cfg.FX_to_Open="F4" --0 = OFF, Defines whether the DarkRP F4 menu can be opened with the F1 F2 F3 F4 key.
โ˜ฐ 18. How to Hide the DarkRP Whitelisted Jobs in the F4 Menu?
Hello, do you want the job in the F4 menu to be invisible? But only visible if the player is in the whitelist of this job? Here I give you the solution.

--EXAMPLE with only one job: "Civil Protection"
--Line you need to add in jobrelated.lua:
Ligne 1 : customCheck
Ligne 2 : CustomCheckFailMsg = "You are not in the withelist !",

TEAM_POLICE = DarkRP.createJob("Civil Protection", {
color = Color(25, 25, 170, 255),
model = {"models/player/police.mdl", "models/player/police_fem.mdl"},
description = [[The protector of every citizen that lives in the city.
You have the power to arrest criminals and protect innocents.
Hit a player with your arrest baton to put them in jail.
Bash a player with a stunstick and they may learn to obey the law.
The Battering Ram can break down the door of a criminal, with a warrant for their arrest.
The Battering Ram can also unfreeze frozen props (if enabled).
Type /wanted to alert the public to the presence of a criminal.]],
weapons = {"arrest_stick", "door_ram", "weaponchecker"},
command = "cp",
max = 4,
salary = GAMEMODE.Config.normalsalary * 1.45,
admin = 0,
vote = true,
hasLicense = true,
ammo = {
]"pistol"] = 60,
category = "Civil Protection",
customCheck = function(ply) if CLIENT then return PlychangeAllowed(ply,"Civil Protection") else return true end end, --Respect capitalization and spaces!!!
CustomCheckFailMsg = "You are not in the withelist !",

-Why doesn't it work? If the original name of the job is "Civil Protection" you must respect it in its entirety.
Some bad examples:
--Bad capitalization: "civil protection"
--Spaces in the wrong place : "CivilProtection" or "Civil Protection" or "Civil Protection".
--Wrong job name, example: "Mayor".

Error that I see regularly that deserves its place here:

What is valid in the job name is "Civil Protection".

Some invalid examples:
"civil protection"
" Civil Protection "
" Protection civile "
"Protection civile "
"Protection civile "
โ˜ฐ 19. How do I hide the Jobs button in DarkRP F4?
To hide the jobs button in the F4 menu, go to the script configuration file and set it to


to 1.
โ˜ฐ 20. How can I hide the server economy button in the F4 menu?
First make sure you have version 3.4 or higher of the script.
To hide the economy button in the F4 menu, go to the script configuration file and find the table: cfg.Screen and go to the table line:

Set enabled=1 to 0. This will disable the economy button.
โ˜ฐ 21. How do I disable the Job graph in the Home panel?
In the configuration file find the line: cfg.jobgraph_in_home

cfg.jobgraph_in_home = 1
0 = Disable job graph in home table
1 = Enable

Only available since version 3.5 of the addon.

Tip to avoid the leak of DarkRP F4 Customizable menu installed on your Garry's Mod server: How avoid the Leak of your Gmod scripts
How Install an addon on Gmod? : How install an addon on Gmod
How Publish an addon on the Gmod workshop? : Documentation how create a content pack to publish on the workshop?

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