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Job Whitelist system - DarkRP - Script

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Job Whitelist official DRM-free system. GMod's first whitelist job system, which I published on Gmodstore and have continued to update. The Job Whitelist system is a script for restricting access to a job, editable in real time for your Gmod DarkRP server. Players who aren't in the job whitelist can't access the job you've decided to lock to the public. This saves time and increases the reliability of your servers. What's more, the system includes a "Full Access" category, offering full access to whitelisted jobs for selected players. Don't miss this DRM-free solution, designed to optimize your gaming experience on Garry's Mod. What's more, the system includes a "Full Access" category, offering full access to whitelisted jobs for selected players. Don't miss this DRM-free solution, designed to optimize your gaming experience on Garry's Mod.

Enable the whitelist on a whole group of jobs. Whitelist can work now with the categorie name Add a user in the job whitelist with the context menu Search system of job whitelist Delete a user from the list Cleanup one list with a simple button Enable and Disable the system with a simple button Choose the type of restriction of the whitelist job system See the list of job in DarkRP from the menu of the whitelist job Add easily a user from the list of users in the panel of Jo whitelist List of user connected on yoru server Delete a user from the whitelist with a simple clic Options of the whitelist

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Description of Job Whitelist system - DarkRP

🚀 Presentation of Job Whitelist system

Discover the official DRM-free job whitelisting system. This is the first whitelisting system for DarkRP jobs and job categories, easily available with no configuration required to run it, no additional files to install, and constantly maintained by its original author. When you explore the features of this script, all jobs are publicly accessible. What's more, you can deactivate the filtering effect from the administration panel without deleting existing lists. The whitelist also retains the date on which users were added.
Since version 1.9 you can authorize the addition of certain jobs to the whitelist.
Since version 2.0 everything is simpler and more powerful! You can define the type of whitelist per job, disable systems without deleting data with the 'management jobs' table. Since version 3.8 you can use the context menu to add players to the whitelist, and they'll also be notified in chat and the console.
Since version 4.3 Big optimization with the new category system. You can now manage job groups by category, configured by default in the : jobrelated.lua (darkp)
For example, the Citizens job category will concern all jobs linked to this category at once.

📌 Important facts

-Compatible with all Job and gamemodes using the DarkRP base (StarwarsRP, SchoolRP, ZombieRP, HogwartsRP).
-This is not DLC. It's a complete system.
There's no need to give your administrators FTP access, it's editable in-game without rebooting, it's instantaneous.
-No Lag when data uses more than 5000 entries since update 1.7.
-Entitlement system Compatible with ULX and ServerGuard since January 21, 2017.
-The system automatically detects jobs, no need for code.
-Set the type of accessibility for each job. For example, only to those on the whitelist, or public, or only for people with vip or donor rank. Or close job access to all. New category system to manage the group of jobs in a single list since August 23, 2018.
It improves user comfort and greatly optimizes the server.
-The system automatically detects the category, no need to know the code.

👑 Admin

-Full management panel.
-Console command to open panel: whitelist_systemjob.
-Only an administrator can open the panel and add a player to the whitelist.
-Already translated into 20 languages (Bulgarian, Czech, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish).
-Button in the panel to activate/deactivate the system without uninstalling the script with a single click. Since version 2.3.
-Job search tab (New since version 3.2).
One-button whitelist activation/deactivation without resetting or uninstalling.
-Configuration file.
-Activate or deactivate F1, F2, F3 or F4 keys to open whitelist (check configuration file).
-Button to clear whitelist jobs (New since 2.9).
-Interaction with context menu from (New since 3.8).
-Category system to manage a group of jobs in a single list (New since version 4.3 - August 2018).
-Enable/Disable the category system without resetting everything with a single button.

💾 Persistence

-Persistence system included.
-List data is saved.

⌨️ Command if you don't want to use the panel

-To open the panel: whitelist_systemjob.
-Command format to add players to a job/category whitelist with the console: Addwhitelist "Your name" "SteamID64" "Name of player" "Job Name".
-Command format to add players to all whitelisted jobs/categories with the console: Addwhitelist "Your name" "SteamID64" "Name of player" "Full Access".
-Command format to remove a steamid64 from all jobs and categories with the console (New since February 16, 2016): Massremovewhitelist "SteamID64".
-Command format for deleting a steamid64 from a DarkRP job with the console (New since July 05, 2021): Massremovewhitelist "SteamID64" "Job Name".
-Remove all users from a single job or category (New since August 18, 2016): cleanup_joblist "job".
Delete months-old entries to clean up and optimize the system (New since August 18, 2016). For example, you can delete users by date. Entries that have been present for more than 4 months with a single command: whitelist_suppressor_oldentries number_of_months.

✔️ Compatible

Gamemode: DarkRP, HarryPotterRP, HogwartsRP, StarwarsRP, HaloRP, MilitaryRP, MangaRP, Hogwarts and all DarkRP derivatives.
Administration system: ULX, SAM, FAdmin, Serverguard, can also work without an administration system, so add your steamid and your staff's steamid to the configuration file. It should be compatible with all administration systems that follow Gmod standards. If not, open a ticket and I'll work on it.


Blue : "Quand je veux ouvrir le menu, j'ai 'Vous n'étiez pas administrateur lorsque vous avez rejoint le serveur. Il vous manque des informations. Veuillez vous reconnecter. Merci."
Auteur : "Votre système d'administration ne vous reconnait pas comme admin lorsque vous rejoignez votre serveur. Ajoutez votre steamid dans le fichier de configuration pour être admin de la whitelist."

Billy : "Que se passe-t-il si le job par défaut est mis sur liste blanche ?"
L'auteur : "Vous n'avez tout simplement pas besoin de placer le travail par défaut dans la liste blanche".

RS William : "J'aimerais exporter le contenu de ma Bwhitelist vers votre whitelist, est-ce possible ?"
L'auteur : "Oui avec la commande : bwhitelist_export_to_nw"

Susliks : "Je veux que le joueur ne puisse pas voir le Job en F4 ?"
Auteur : "Utilisez cette ligne CustomCheck, j'ai testé qu'elle fonctionnait :

customCheck = function( ply )
if CLIENT then
return PlychangeAllowed( ply, "Mayor" )
return true

Serious Lee : "I have over 200 addons on my already slow, unstable crappy server, what can I do to slow down the whitelist stains?"
Auteur : "One thing's for sure, my script is ultra-light since version 17.2. If your server is slow, go to line 51 and change the value to, local ztvo=0.03 to 0.6, which is what I can do for you. The higher the number, the slower the data download."

⭐ Jobs whitelisting system 5-star alternative to Job Whitelist system

1- Billy's Whitelist (bWhitelist) Job Whitelisting System [DarkRP StarWarsRP] (Gmodstore)
2- SH Whitelist [No Support] (Gmodstore)
🔹 WIKI & F.A.Q 🇬🇧
Wiki 🇬🇧 Wiki 🇫🇷

Wiki of Job Whitelist system - DarkRP

Job Whitelist system - DarkRP

☰ 1. Installation of Job Whitelist system - DarkRP
Installation: Download and Unzip the folder nordahl_whitelsit_job_system_darkrp.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,
Path: garrysmod/addons/nordahl_whitelsit_job_system_darkrp
☰ 2. Where can I find resources and materials? What is the Job Whitelist system - DarkRP Workshop id?
Vous trouverez les ressources dans le workshop de Garry's Mod sur Steam. - Gmod Workshop ID of Job Whitelist system - DarkRP: 2513518552
- The AddWorkshop function is automatically added to the script server file and can be deactivated from the configuration file. : resource.AddWorkshop( 2513518552 )
- To add gmod workshop resources to your collection : Job Whitelist system - DarkRP [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop
☰ 3. How to configure the type of access to jobs?
From the menu, go to the list of jobs done by right clicking on a job and made your choice:

1. Public=The Job is accessible to everyone.
2. Whitelist=The Job is accessible only to those who are in the Whitelist.
3. Donator=The Job is only available to members who have a status of vip or donor.
4. Closed=The Job is not accessible.
Note: It is a choice are automatically saved and instant and you are free to change them at any time.

In this example we will enable the Whitelist on the job"Civil Protection Chief"
Table Jobs Management of Whitelist Job System
☰ 4. Add someone connected in the Whitelist of a job. Method #1
When you open the menu of the Whitelist the first tab is the list of players logged in, made and right-click on a player and you will see the list of jobs, only configured.Add someone connected in the Whitelist of a job
☰ 5. Add someone who is not connected to the server in the Whitelist of a job. Method #2
When you open the menu of the Whitelist go to the tab of the jobs configured, and enter the users of the player.Add someone not connected in the Whitelist of a job
☰ 6. Add someone from the menu_context. Method #3
When you open the menu of the Whitelist the first tab is the list of players logged in, made and right-click on a player and you will see the list of jobs, only configured.Add a player in whitelist job from the menu_context
☰ 7. Add someone with a command server without being connected. Method #4
Caution keep the quotation mark:


Addwhitelist "Your name" "SteamID64" "Name of player" "Full Access"

Addwhitelist "Nordahl Kurger" "76561198033784269" "Chuck Norris" "Civil Protection Chief"
☰ 8. This is what the list Full_Access?
When a player is in the list Full_Access it will have access to all the jobs whitelsité.Whitelist job system full access
☰ 9. I would like to disable the system temporarily without uninstalling the script it is possible?
Yes, Easy.Click to Disable whitelist job system
☰ 10. I have recorded more than 5000 users and I have 250 jobs I would like to find a user in the list to remove it how can I do?
In the search tab enter the users for the user you are looking for.Delete a user from all whitelist job
☰ 11. I would like to Reset all the configuration it is possible?
A simple button. Or by command: "MetajolistDe"Reset all job whitelisted
☰ 12. Where to find the configuration File?
☰ 13. How to configure the ranks of donors?
In the file configuration, find the variable:


If your ranks vip are renamed then replace its values with yours. Attention to capital letters and spaces, if you put a capital letter it is important.

You can put more ranks: you just need to follow this example: ULX_DONATOR_RANK={"donator","vip","vip2"}
☰ 14. To configure keys F1-F4 to open the menu?
In the file configuration find the variable:





--0=Disabled, If you want to open the menu with this key, replace the value by=1
☰ 15. How to Hide the Jobs for those who are not in the whitelist in the Menu F4?


EXAMPLE with a single trade: "Civil Protection"

--2 2 Lines need to be added in jobrelated.lua:

1. Ligne 1: customCheck

2. Ligne 2: CustomCheckFailMsg="You are not in the withelist!",

TEAM_POLICE=DarkRP.createJob("Civil Protection", {

color=Color(25, 25, 170, 255),

model={"models/player/police.mdl", "models/player/police_fem.mdl"},

description=[[The protector of every citizen that lives in the city]],

weapons={"arrest_stick", "door_ram", "weaponchecker"},



salary=GAMEMODE.Config.normalsalary * 1.45,







category="Civil Protection",

customCheck=function(ply) if CLIENT then return PlychangeAllowed(ply,"Civil Protection") else return true end end, --Respectez les majuscules et les espaces!!!

CustomCheckFailMsg="You are not in the withelist!",


--Why is this not working? If the original name of the job is "Civil Protection" you must follow it in its entirety.

Some wrong example:

--Bad caps:"civil protection"

--Spaces in the wrong place:"CivilProtection" or " Civil Protection " or "Civil Protection "

--The wrong name of the business, example: "Mayor"

⚠️ Error that I see regularly that deserves its place here:

CWhat is Valid in the name of the Job that is "Civil Protection"

Some Example invalid:

"civil protection"


" Civil Protection "

" Civil Protection"

"Civil Protection "

"Civil Protection "
☰ 16. I have 300 jobs on my server. How to add job groups by category name to not put them all one by one?
When you open the menu, click on "Category Job" and insert the categories you are interested in, the effect is immediate.Whitelit job panel on the table: Category Job
☰ 17. How do I take a job off the whitelist when it no longer exists on my server?
In a single button, click on the Cross of this job concerned.Delete a DarkRP job from the whitelist system
☰ 18. How I add ULX rank?
In the file : nordahl_whitelsit_job_system_darkrp/lua/autorun/nordahl_whitelistjob_config.lua

Find the variable : Allow_ULX_GROUP_CAN_ACCESS_PANEL={"superadmin","admin"} -- as you can see admin and superadmin are in the list

To add a new rank do like it -> Allow_ULX_GROUP_CAN_ACCESS_PANEL={"superadmin","admin","newrank"}
☰ 19. When use the API?
The API allows to check if a user is in the whitelist and if a job is blocked from another script, It'is a useful and efficient method when server owner wants to customize its servers by creating npcs that allows changing job and functions like changeTeam who can override the system. It's also useful for creative developers wanting to make scripts compatible with my system
☰ 20. How to use the API?
In the file nordahl_sv/api_whitelistjob_sv.lua there are test commands to understand how works the API.
How it looks the API?
API_Whitelistjob_nordahl(ply,job_name,category_name) -- Will return true if the job is whitelisted or false the users will be notified if he is not in category white list job or if he is not donator

[lfun]if[/lfun] API_Whitelistjob_nordahl( ply , job , [lfun]nil[/lfun] ) == [lfun]true then[/lfun]
print ("API_Whitelistjob_nordahl : Accepted")
☰ 21. How do I make a job accessible only to donors?
Enable the acces of a job only for VIP member with the whitelist system
☰ 22. How disable the message "You are not an admin" for normal players when pressing the C button?
In config.lua modify the variable from nordahl_cfg_1402.chat_msg_warn on 0.

By default it is on 1 :

nordahl_cfg_1402.chat_msg_warn = 1

To disable it :

nordahl_cfg_1402.chat_msg_warn = 0
☰ 23. How to export the list of users my Bwhitelist to your whitelist?
With the comand bwhitelist_export_to_nw
☰ 24. How to remove a job from the whitelist by command?
Command format to unwhitelist one steamid64 from all jobs & category's with console (New since 16, February 2016) : Massremovewhitelist "SteamID64"
Command format to unwhitelist one steamid64 from one DarkRP job with console (New since 05, July 2021) : Massremovewhitelist "SteamID64" "Job Name"
☰ 25. What is the function to add an online player to the whitelist without using the command?
Norda_Whitelist_API_Pass( Entity player , string job_name )
☰ 26. Warning: DCONFIG modifies configuration and restrictions.
Known problem: DConfig bypasses restrictions. It may be that everything works fine at the interface level, but that blocking access to a job doesn't work.

Tip to avoid the leak of Job Whitelist system - DarkRP installed on your Garry's Mod server: How avoid the Leak of your Gmod scripts
How Install an addon on Gmod? : How install an addon on Gmod
How Publish an addon on the Gmod workshop? : Documentation how create a content pack to publish on the workshop?

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