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5 Gmod addons updated today 26-10-2022

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Update released of Gmod Leveling System version 3.1
Very important to reset the modules to avoid error. With the new buttons to do this.

🧱 Improved :
Big optimization. Optimization by reducing the number of interactions between variables by deleting and merging the variables that could. For example, to deactivate the AFK mode, it will be enough to set the time to 0. Instead of using a boolean variable to activate and deactivate it. It will be enough to enter a number which will be the time in minutes to activate it. This makes it even easier to configure because you will have less to do from the configuration file. Because many of the variables that had to be changed manually end up in the interface.

🚮 Removed :
Deleting variables in the configuration file:

🚮 Removed :
Deleting buttons ON / OFF from the interface:
mod_doubled=XP multiplied by 2 for everyone
mod_tripled=XP multiplied by 3 for everyone
mod_quadrupled=XP multiplied 4 for everyone

🚀 Added :
Added new variable inmodules panel : all buttons of multiplier of XP is replaced by one called xp_multiplier. xp_multiplier : Added a numeric variable instead that just allows you to write your experience mltiplier yourself. It's more flexible. You can then put for example x1.2 to increase the exp gain by +20%. Your players will be warned in the chat about this advantage. You can always configure it if it concerns the whole server or only some jobs or ranks (VIP, etc.).

Added a button to reset old settings, new modifications may create Lua errors on old saves. Reset buttons can bring new missing variables.
And will also allow you to easily reset your settings whenever you feel like it.

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3

Update released of Gmod Advanced Inventory System version 1.7
✔️ Patched :
You can add empty weapons to your inventory without it disappearing. The fact that the weapon displays the number of ammunition and when it is at 0 it is no longer counted as non-existent. So not deleted.

Update released of Teleportation Portal addon for Gmod version 1.1 9 hours ago
🚀 Added :
Added in the config file the variable : cfg.Entity_TP

-----ITEM Teleportation-----
cfg.Entity_TP=1 --0 = OFF, 1 = ON if entity touche the TP he is teleported.

Update released of Nor Admin Mod for GMod version 2.5
🚀 Added:
Add Shortcut to open the panel of Teleportation Portal addon for Gmod without command.

Update released of Gmod Advanced Inventory System version 1.6
🚀 Added :
Added a new option in the STYLE tab that allows to replace the icons of the objects by their 3D model.

ON = Spawn Icon
OFF = Image of the Model

don't forget to reset the style to make the new variable appear in the table. See the screen
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